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Mama Joy Summit

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You have entered a magic portal. This is your space to be in the sacredness of motherhood. To learn through the power of gathering. Feminine essence, wisdom and soul-searching. So that you can carve your own path with strength, love and joy. 

During the Summit you will meet healers, therapists, yoga teachers, rest facilitators, coaches, birth workers and meditation teachers – all Mamas themselves or in practice with Mamas – sharing their wisdom, practical tools and heartfelt personal stories.

All to give you the revamp your toolbox needs, to fully embrace this season of motherhood, ignite your joy and follow your soul’s deepest desires.

Your Summit Host, Danielle Brooker

Mama to one (age 2.5), lives in Sydney, Australia after calling London home for almost ten years

Writer, Joy Activation Coach, avid self-help reader, lover of travel, adventure and exceptional coffee. Through her private coaching programs, digital courses, writing and podcast, Mama Joy, Danielle guides ambitious, busy and always-on Mamas (and those in ‘mothering roles’) to ditch their overwhelm and step into their joy.

Danielle spent over a decade building a career in economics and policy, working for government and health charities. In a great job she didn’t feel great in, she kept questioning what her next “career move” should be. Yet it wasn’t until she completely burnt out and had to take time away from work, that she realised she needed a new relationship with “busy” to get back to feeling like herself again.

Her pregnancy, birthing and mamahood journey catalysed a deepening of the work she does and she is on a mission for Mamas to reclaim this powerful season of life and live in their fullness.

She’s written for publications such as Forbes.com—and is on a mission to redefine the conversation about stress and busyness to be centred from a place of joy. She lives in Sydney with her little person and partner, dreaming up the next adventure for her family.

TaKisha August

Mama to 10 year old, lives in Virginia, United States

Mama, artist, teacher, writer, birthworker and host of the Stay Podcast, TaKisha has taught yoga and meditation since 2015. Her hybrid maternal wellness practice, Momkynd, brings yoga, meditation, reproductive education and birth support to women online and in her local community.

After 15 years in the marketing and publishing industries, TaKisha traded in her corporate career to cultivate safe spaces for women as they learn to unlock the internal tools available to them for physical, spiritual and emotional healing. And, as a graduate of The Shakti School, she is honored to bring Ayurveda to her clients and community through her signature Art of Self Preservation workshop series. When she is not working with clients, TaKisha enjoys learning to garden with her son, knitting and exploring local hiking trails with their dog, Zora.

Elle Brown

The most mothering soul, holding space for many Mamas, lives in Sydney, Australia

Elle is a clinical nutritionist & women’s health practitioner, providing  gentle, supportive and nourishing care to women on their healing journey. She specialises in women’s health as a whole, but there are a few key areas she absolutely loves to work within: female fatigue, depletion, binge and restrictive eating behaviours, emotional & nervous system health, deficiencies, hormone health, postpartum care, menopause, family and children’s health and body system health to name a few.

She holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition & Dietetic Medicine and Masters in Human Nutrition & Research, and has completed further study in eating behaviour, children, teen &  family health and nutrition, Clinical Trauma focussed EFT, somatic’s and emotional health.

Stepha LaFond,

Mama to two (ages 10 and 8), lives in New York, United States

Stepha is a life coach and mentor helping moms come home to themselves. Her work goes beyond the common mommy woes and invites clients to take a critical look at the unjust systems and power structures impacting motherhood, actively unlearn those systems, and commit to doing motherhood on their own terms.

She started her practice out of a desire to put moms at the centre of the conversation, with an emphasis shifting the narrative on modern motherhood to one that allows space for  mamas to grow, heal and take care of themselves at all stages of their journey.

Prarthana Rao

Mama of two, (ages 2 and 9), born and raised in India, now lives in London, United Kingdom

Prarthana refers to herself as a ‘Maverick Mum’. She’s a Self-Love Coach, Speaker and Guide for mums who are proud members of The Not Guilty Mothers’ Club.

Prarthana helps mothers balance the personal with the professional so that motherhood feels spacious and mothers find choice, capacity and confidence to live their fullest lives—loudly, proudly and with the same love, respect and affection they give to everyone else.

Her journey has taken her through multiple devastating miscarriages and a redundancy from her role as a highly sought after brand and PR expert, whilst on maternity leave.

As someone who had her identity wrapped up in her profession, she says she didn’t even notice as her confidence and sense of self “walked out on me”. These experiences brought her to her work now, as an accredited International Coaching Federation Coach, committed to encouraging women to unsubscribe from the guilty mothers’ narrative, prioritise their own dreams and put themselves first, unapologetically.

Emma Deery

Mama to a 6 year old, lives in Folkstone, a lovely coastal town in United Kingdom

Emma Deery is a Holistic Wellbeing Mentor, Movement Medicine Guide and Empowerment Coach, For Mothers. She uses a mind-body approach to help Mothers heal, grow and rebirth themselves in the swamps of Motherhood. In addition to her local classes, circles and retreats, her online offerings include 1:1 Mentoring and a variety of programmes and courses, each dedicated to empowering Mothers, and helping them find their true selves by connecting deeply with their own innate body-wisdom.

From the age of 18 she worked professionally as an actress, singer and dancer, with huge successes on the West End stage and on TV. Suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for most of her life, which was greatly affected by stress, she started supporting herself with more holistic lifestyle changes—incorporating changes in her diet, yoga, and mindfulness; and eventually training to be a Yoga Teacher in India. Experiencing post-birth trauma, Postnatal Depression and Postnatal Anxiety all mixed in with intense sleep-deprivation for 2.5 years, after the birth of her daughter, she started a deeper healing journey using al lthe tools she’d learned over the years. Now it is her mission to support other mothers to heal, grow and rebirth themselves on their motherhood journey.

Hajni Erdelyi

Mama of two daughters (ages 13 and 8) and another one, up in the sky. She lives in Brussels, originally from Hungary

Hajni works in a holistic way as a women’s wellness coach, facilitator in family constellation and physical therapist. She’s a trained physical therapist, pelvic health & perinatal specialist, educator and mentor, weaving body, mind, emotional and energetic work together—supporting and empowering women to feel WHOLE and free to do what they really want to do. She is passionate about overcoming trauma (personal, inter- and intragenerational); birth, death, and cyclical living; vocalizing our truth through the first, second and fifth chakras; feminine super power; everything about pelvic floor; and somatic healing.

Her mission is to empower women, holding their hands until they find their own power and freedom to birth, to heal, to desire, to say no, to be whole, to be enough and more.

Tamsin Williamson 

Mama of two, (ages 9 and 6) living in London, United Kingdom

After 10 years in her longstanding marketing career Tamsin became a Mum and says “suddenly everything changed.” A certified Life & Mindset coach, Tamsin guides ambitious Mums to step out of the shadows and unleash their true passion, purpose and potential without sacrificing themselves or their integrity as a parent in the process.

Through holistic coaching, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and mindfulness she arms mothers with the courage, clarity and confidence to re-claim ownership and freedom over their lives, selves and careers after kids, so they can courageously and unapologetically embrace their next chapter as their fully-expressed selves.

Nehanda Truscott-Reid

Mama to two (ages 6 and 8), lives in London, United Kingdom

Nehanda Truscott Reid is a Maternal Wellness Coach and Founder of The Soul Mama Journey and Host of the Soul Mama Podcast. Her mission is to support mothers to heal awaken and thrive, breaking through burnout to reclaim their true power.

Growing up mixed-raced, raised by a single mother on an estate in Brixton, South London, everywhere she looked, she saw that motherhood seemed to always be linked with pain, struggle and sacrifice. When it took her longer to conceive than expected, it launched a deeper healing journey to reprogram her ideas about Motherhood and prepare her mind, body and soul for the new spirit and life she wanted to call in.

Nehanda has studied Energywork, Holistic Wellness Coaching and Womb Yoga Therapy which each come from an ancient approach of gently guiding our systems back into balance and harmony allowing the natural flow of energy and vitality to flow.

Sharing tools, rituals and practices that have supported herself and many others on this sacred journey of motherhood, she’s helped those who were told they were infertile to conceive, women who were fearful during pregnancy to trust, and mamas who were exhausted, nourish their way to vitality.

Ngombo Chansa-Isaacs

Mama of two (ages 6 and 9) living in Lusaka, Zambia after making a ‘big move’ from the United Kingdom a few years ago

As a mother of two and a professionally trained Postpartum Doula and Zambia’s first International Coaching Federation accredited Matrescence Coach and Facilitator, Ngombo brings a unique blend of personal and professional experience to her practice. To Ngombo, mothering in alignment with her values means treating herself with kindness and sitting in the driving seat of her existence. Having an adventurous life is really important to her which is why two years ago, she heeded the call of her intuition and returned to her roots in Zambia after living as a daughter of the diaspora in England for 30 out of her 36 years. She has since settled in the lively capital city of Lusaka with her husband and 2 children, where as a family they are thriving in an environment that feels like home.

Ngombo provides guidance and support for Mothers as they navigate the complexities of Motherhood. Her journey into this work was sparked by her own personal struggle with postnatal depletion, postpartum depression and anxiety following the birth of her youngest child six years ago. She has experienced first-hand how the right tools, understanding and care can transform Motherhood from a daunting and overwhelming experience into an expansive evolutionary journey filled with joy.

Sophie Scott

Mama to 18 month old, lives in London, United Kingdom

Sophie is not your typical psychotherapist. Her dynamic background, from running a start-up to navigating the media industry, has honed her empathy and relatability, crafting her into a therapist who actively engages with her clients.

Having founded BALANCE, the UK’s award-winning wellness magazine and media brand, Sophie has long been passionate about bringing mental and physical wellbeing to the masses. As the Editor-in-Chief for 5+ years, she championed innovation and accessibility across the industry, and was lucky enough to work alongside A-list talent (Joe Wicks, Fearne Cotton, Deepak Chopra, Ricky Gervais) and spearhead partnerships with global brands (Pukka, Unilever, Nike etc).

Sophie is a steadfast advocate for psychoeducation, and is a former lecturer in developmental theory (Highgate Counselling Centre). Her expertise extends to mentoring and coaching a diverse range of clients, from CEOs to celebrities, aiding them to discover their inner magic. Sophie completed an extensive 6-year training at the Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy Education. She now runs a private practice in Central London. In addition, she loves public speaking and running workshops on a range of topics from Imposter Syndrome to Mental Health in Business. Sophie’s debut book YOU’RE NOT ALONE IN THIS : How to support your loved one’s mental health without losing your own (Watkins) is out in January 2025.

Lauren Armes

Mama to one (age 2.5), lives in United Kingdom

Lauren is the leading Business Coach for Wellness Experts, with real-world CEO experience. She founded the global wellness industry media company, Welltodo in 2014 – which was acquired by Fitt Insider in 2022. For the last 7 years she has been coaching experts in wellness to create 6 and 7 figure online businesses, so they can transform lives (without sacrificing their own). Her clients are passionate, driven experts in wellness. They’re nutritionists, therapists, dietitians, health practitioners, meditation and breathwork facilitators, yoga and movement coaches and more.

As well as coaching some of the industry’s most respected wellness experts, Lauren has been featured as an industry authority on the BBC series The Apprentice, as well as by Forbes, The Times, BBC, Evening Standard, Glamour, Red, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and many more.

She also hosts EXPERTS, a podcast about building and scaling a successful expert business in the wellness industry.


Shannon Johnson 

Mama to three boys (ages 12, 9 and 4), lives in Sydney, Australia

Shannon Johnson, is the director and founder of Living for Style, her personalised styling business. A seasoned industry expert with over 20 years of experience in fashion and styling, she has a passion for helping mums rediscover and revamp their wardrobes, Shannon has empowered thousands of clients to look and feel their best.

Her journey in fashion began at a young age, but it was during her maternity leave in London that Shannon felt a calling to shift her focus to a more personal level. Recognising the challenges women face in maintaining their style amidst busy lives, especially after becoming a mother herself. For Shannon, there’s nothing more rewarding than connecting one-on-one with clients and guiding them on a journey of self-discovery through style. Each styling session with Shannon leaves clients not only looking fabulous but also radiating confidence and self-assurance. Her personalised styling services, including personal shopping experiences, have the power to transform lives. Shannon believes in the transformative impact of embracing one’s personal style, and she promises that once you embark on this journey with her, you’ll never look back.

Misha Liu 

Mama to one (age 2) and one on the way 😊, lives in United Kingdom

Misha is a qualified Life Coach and Senior Financial Services professional, and IVF Mum to their rainbow baby. Navigating the process of becoming a mother during lockdown, asserting healthy boundaries to protect her emotional wellbeing, and embarking on a healing journey during her maternity leave birthed her consultancy business, The Mumsultant. Misha’s goals is to normalise the challenges of motherhood at every stage, celebrate healing out loud when we need to and to save mummy’s time by connecting them to an extended village online whenever they need that extra bit of support. 

Kate Northrup

Mama to two daughters (ages 8.5 and 6), lives in Florida, United States

As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and mother, Kate supports ambitious people to light up the world without burning themselves out. Kate teaches how to heal your relationship with money, time, and work. She’s the author of the bestsellers Money: A Love Story and Do Less, the creator of the Do Less Planner, and the host of the top ranking podcast, Plenty.

Her work has been featured by The NY Times, Oprah Daily, The Today Show, Glamour, Harvard Business Review, and more. She lives with her husband/business partner and their two daughters in Miami.

Ekaterina Ward

Mama to 10 year old daughter, moved to London, United Kingdom, in her early 20s

Ekaterina is an ex-educator with a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics. Her past career started with making a success out of her first teaching and translation business and lecturing at the University of Westminster, London, followed by 7 years in the corporate financial services sector as a carbon portfolio manager for a leading New York emissions fund in their London office.

Alongside her corporate job, Ekaterina qualified as a Corporate and Executive Coach, Personal Performance Coach, NLP practitioner, and Somatic Coach and began guiding senior leaders and teams in the corporate sector to uplevel their profits and leadership skills.

Since becoming a mother, Ekaterina dedicated her business and coaching expertise to supporting mothers in achieving bold business and personal milestones without regrets or sacrifices. She prides herself in creating her village, gathering mothers to share the wild journey of motherhood.

Genevieve Parker Hill 

Mama to two boys (ages 9 and 5), currently living in Nigeria, originally from United States

Genevieve Parker Hill is an Amazon bestselling author, coach and leading expert in the fields of intentional living, minimalism, nomad lifestyle, and creative growth

Genevieve’s work has been featured in places including Elle Canada and Complete Wellbeing Magazine. She’s the author of seven independently published books; a book coach to indie authors at Podcast2book.com; and co-founder of Birth Practice, a training program that helps expecting mothers prepare for a satisfying childbirth experience. She lives a global nomadic lifestyle with her family. 

Leila Armour 

Mama of three (ages 4 and twins age 1), living in Queensland, Australia

Leila Armour is a Postpartum Doula, Holistic Nutrition Consultant. Having always loved cooked, after graduating from Fashion School she ended up opening a little yellow takeaway Mexican Cantina. That journey showed her how much she loved making and giving delicious, nourishing, beautiful food to people—planting the first seed for what would become her now business, Village for Mama

She is the author of the postpartum recipe book, Village for Mama – Nourishment for the Fourth Trimester. Inspired by her own fourth trimester, when she was gifted the book, ‘the first forty days’ and then re gifted it to her mum. It was her own mother’s willingness to follow guidelines in the book: to deliver nourishing, warming, homemade meals daily that made the transition into motherhood feel manageable and supported—that firmly planted her mission to pass the message on in a simple and easy way to other Mamas. 

Her book has been created to help expectant mothers gather their village and organise homemade meals during their fourth trimester. Leila is dedicated to helping new mothers feel held and supported through nourishing food and a village.

Lara Britton 

Mama to two (ages 2.5 and 9 months), lives in Sydney, Australia

Lara takes her many years as a student of the ancient wisdom traditions of India and brings these teachings into the modern context. She completed her training as an initiator of Sattva Meditation and has been practicing this life altering technique herself for over 7 years, together with Sattva Yoga, Kriya & breathwork teacher training, enabling her to share many powerful techniques from the Himalayan traditions of India, including Kriya Yoga, Pranayama (breathwork), mantra, asana and more. 

Lara is also mentored by Donna McCormick – Master Spectrum Healer & teacher, through this mentorship, Lara has been able to tap further into an ability to listen and understand more deeply, allowing her to support at more personal level to clear any resistance. 

From a busy corporate career of 10+ years, taking time our for motherhood, to running a business – Lara draws on all her life experience and couples it with her traditional training to offer those who work with her, a deeply transformative experience.

Courtney Gold 

Mama to 8 year old, lives in Sydney, Australia

Courtney is a lifestyle photographer who specialises in Motherhood, Maternity, Portraits, Family, Newborn and Branding. 

Her photography journey started all the way back in year 9 when she started studying photography at high school, with and old film camera in hand and many hours spent in the dark room processing her own film and developing each image. 

After she finished school she studied photography for a year and then spent the next year living in Italy where she felt truly inspired. She’s been working in the industry ever since. 

When it comes to photography she says she is “a lover of natural light, the Australian bush, sunsets, smile lines and all the little moments that make up your story.” 

Rather Welch 

Mama to two (ages 5 and 7), lives in Florida, United States

Rather is a lifelong passionate Creative and most people call her an Artist (or mommy 😉). 

She went to college in the early 2000’s on a last minute Art Scholarship, never finished her Art degree, and instead took the entry level course in all mediums and opened up an Art Supply store straight after graduation. 

She loves providing space for kids and adults to PLAY with Art supplies—scouring sale racks and thrift stores for leftover supplies and interesting items to add to her drawers, shelves, and buckets of trinkets.   

She now has her own Art Studio at home, and invites people for Art Nights and Workshops. She loves to create works of Art from otherwise unwanted items and sell them in local markets and shops in her local area. 

Rather releases a collection of Fine Art – as prints and Originals each year. Her husband and two little girls love to see her “Creative Cup” filled to the brim and overflowing with Studio time, enjoying play time in the studio too.  

Lisa Mabberley 

Mama to two (ages 11 and 14), lives in United Kingdom 

Lisa is a Self-belief Coach for Mums, Circle Holder and Retreat Host. She holds soft spaces where you can land back in your whole Self, drawing all the parts of you back together again. Spaces where you can be seen, heard, witnessed and held. Where you can come as you are and leave feeling filled up or subtly altered in some beautiful, life-affirming way. Lisa does this through deeply compassionate & supportive 1:1 coaching, group coaching, online workshops, women’s circles and occasional retreats. 

Phoebe Greenacre 

Mama to one daughter (age 1), lives in Bali, Indonesia 

Phoebe is on a mission to help women become consciously alive and share their light with the world through somatic healing and spiritual entrepreneurship. She is a successfully exited entrepreneur with 15 years in business and startups, plus over 10 years in holistic healing and therapy.

After practicing yoga for two decades, she believes deeply in the transformational powers of self-care, yoga and spiritual practice. For her, business, healing and spirituality are part of the same evolutionary journey to access the profound wisdom that lives within the body and step into our highest selves. 

Phoebe shares her insights and teachings on her online membership platform, The Self Care Space, inside her bespoke business coaching program, The Consciously Alive CEO and her podcast, Consciously ALIVE. As a teacher and creative, she 
loves to share guided meditations, yoga, breath work and sound healing sessions, and the many other modalities for healing and transformation that she’s learned along her journey. 

Millie Ralph

Mama to one (age 3), lives in United Kingdom

Millie is a dedicated Restorative Arts Practitioner with a focus on fertility rest support. Drawing on her background as an IVF & Rainbow Mother, Millie creates compassionate spaces for individuals navigating infertility and coping with perinatal loss.

Through modalities such as Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Alchemy Crystal Bowl Soundbaths, and Women’s Yoga Therapy, she curates nurturing environments that promote relaxation, healing, and a connection to one’s body. As a trauma-informed Community Curator, Millie fosters inclusive spaces, extending her expertise to corporate workshops for stress reduction, clarity, and creativity.

Beyond individual and group sessions, Millie extends her offerings to the workplace, holding corporate workshops and half-day immersive experiences. This highlights the relevance of her practices in promoting stress reduction, clarity, and creativity while fostering deeper workplace connections and communication.

In everything Millie does, she brings her guiding role to life with integrity, understanding, compassion, and a touch of playfulness. This all-encompassing approach taps into the diverse needs of those she supports, creating a rich and embodied experience that feels grounding and resourceful for her clients.

Jaclyn Carlson 

Mama to two young boys (ages 4 and 6), originally from Boston, United States, she now resides in Sydney, Australia

Jaclyn Carlson is a certified breathwork instructor, mother mentor and parent coach who makes support for mums, simple.  She has seen firsthand the importance of empowering women to navigate the complex world of motherhood, helping to build better ways to hold, support and guide them through the beautiful chaos and roller coaster ride that is parenthood.  

Jaclyn’s approach combines breathwork, coaching, and mindfulness practices to support women in releasing stress and rediscovering their core essence. With a previous corporate career in the digital marketing world that spans two decades and years working as a business and life coach, she is a passionate gatherer, connector and space holder of women.  

After a heartfelt business pivot she now offers a unique blend of insight, humour, experience and unwavering support to mothers globally through her breathwork events, coaching services, online programs and community events. She’s happiest by the beach with sand in her toes, surrounded by family and the heart-warming giggles of her little ones.   

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