Motherhood is courageous.

It’s time to feel the way you’re meant to feel.

Hi 👋 I’m Danielle. Mama, writer, Joy Coach, avid self-help reader, lover of travel, adventure and exceptional coffee. I’ve been busy, stressed out, and burnt out. I’ve meditated, downward-dogged and avoided gluten. I’ve felt the best  could ever imagine. And, I’ve felt the worst.

I moved across the world to a city I’d never lived in, 6 months pregnant, in the middle of a global pandemic. All to take action towards my dreams. It was tough. And it was rewarding. I birthed my baby at home, with my partner holding me, literally. Entering motherhood was everything and nothing like I imagined. It’s pushed me beyond any emotional capacity I’ve ever been asked to experience. I’ve been on my knees sobbing on the bathroom floor not believing I could get up again. And I’ve been bursting with so much joy I thought my cheeks would explode.

I’ve loved my partner and seen him in the most incredible light ever. And, I’ve resented him. I’ve grieved my ‘old life’ and I’ve cherished my ‘new’.

I’ve had to return to my toolbox and give it an entire upgrade. One that meets me where I’m at right now.

Motherhood is courageous. I’m here to take your hand and show you back to your place of safety and strength, so you can fully expand into this season of life. So you can live your most joyful life and feel your most vibrant self.

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Guiding you to live your life on purpose, claim your joy, be in your power and fully embrace the gifts this season of motherhood brings.

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it doesn’t have to feel this hard

Your ‘busyness’ is keeping you stuck

I’ve witnessed hundreds of women holding themselves back every single day from how they truly want to feel. For almost a decade, in my coaching practice alone, big-hearted, stressed out women, would tell me over and over again how stuck they felt.

They’d tell me how their diaries were constantly booked up with pre commitments they no longer felt committed to, yet would show up for anyhow. All they really wanted to do is ‘break free’ of this feeling of stuckness. This feeling of always being on the brink of a version of burn out or numbness. Their vibrancy had dissipated, their flames a flicker instead of the raging fire that is their truth.

And then, they entered motherhood. For the very first time. And they felt in the thick of it even more than before.

Is this you? Perhaps you already feel like you are failing in some way. You know something needs to change but it just doesn’t feel like creating any me time in life right now is even possible.

And in amongst all of this inner turmoil and frustration is also a LOT of love. You feel excited about your baby’s growth and development. You love watching them play, laugh, explore. All you really want to do is find the capacity to be fully present and sink into those feelings of joy but you notice you’re holding back, distracting yourself with busyness, numbing out with constant To-Dos, or over-giving to others.

It doesn’t have to feel like this.

You deserve to feel INCREDIBLE in this season of your life.

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“I didn’t know what I was going to do professionally. I was stuck in all my feelings around burnout. During coaching I discovered that I could find a new definition of myself and that there was a lot of compassion. I love that Danielle always had a tool to offer: a meditation, a song, a book, a practical tip.”

Hilda • Career Coach and Strategist

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What to expect

As a result of working with me you will feel again.

I integrate a range of supportive tools from nervous system restoration, mindfulness, transformational coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, meditation, movement, emotional awareness techniques and more.

You will be able to access emotional states you thought you couldn’t – cheerfulness, faith, hopefulness, joy. And, admittedly that also means – anger, frustration, sadness. Our emotions give us our experience of life. They are there for a reason. And we are here to live into them.

You will be able to move yourself beyond anger, frustration, stress, sadness to cheerfulness, faith, hopefulness, joy.

You will feel more confident in making your own decisions than ever before.

You will make decisions faster with less deliberation and racing thoughts.

You will start committing to things that light you up and as a result feel lighter, more joyful and vibrant on a daily level.

These feelings could translate into actions like:

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Meeting you where you’re at

I’m on the path with you

I’m by no means an expert, not here to tell but to explore together. To be open and vulnerable about my own experiences, coupled with decades of experience in the personal growth world, my own self-discovery learnings and education, and my coaching practice.

I’m here to bring you back to the big picture. Take you on an emotional consciousness journey, so you can fall back in love with your emotions, yes, all of them. So you can break free of cyclical patterns keeping you stuck stuck stuck. So you can explore new ways, tools, and experiences that will support you to feel your best every single day. So you can fully blossom into the mother and person you are meant to be.

This season of motherhood is often described in blocks of time: ‘pre-conception’; conception; birth; post-partum; beyond.

For me this season has felt far less defined and much more fluid. I continue to refer to myself as being in post-partum. I’m in my full mothering season. And that in itself is constantly changing.

My body. My mind. My soul. My emotions. All of it is intertwined into a renaissance of sorts. A beginning and ending at the same time.

I’m not here to teach about the specific transition to matrescence, or to prep you for your immediate post-partum. I’m here to be with you on the ride, to meet you where you are at, hold your hand and show you a pathway back to your lightness.

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“These sessions have become a non-negotiable part of growing and developing my offerings and a key part of letting me do what I love and what I’m good at, rather than wasting time on other things. Today I give my business the respect it deserves and feel excited about it in a way I hadn’t given myself permission to before.”

Emily • Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner

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