Practical Strategies to Release Your Inner Control Freak and Reclaim Your Joy

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Busy is exhausting. There’s a better way.

Contrary to what we tell ourselves, being busy does not get us closer to success. There’s a better way. One that will free you from busy and still guarantee you achieve all that you want.



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This book is an action-oriented and approachable look into how we can break up with busy, tune into our heart’s wisdom, and connect with more joy.

Many of us are holding tight to busy to stay in control and to avoid feeling stressed. That resistance also means we’re holding back on our deep sense of joy.

Freedom from Busy, is your guide to embrace joy, ditch busyness, and still reach all the goals you’re meant to achieve.

In these pages you’ll find practical strategies for how to:

🌙 Find your superpowers

🌙 Free yourself from busy

🌙 Get out of your head

🌙 Figure out what lights you up

🌙 Define what you want

🌙 Feel in control of your life

🌙 Get your confidence back

🌙 Embrace the natural way your body works

🌙 Choose deep joy

… and much more!

Experience more fun, ease, and pleasure each day with this inspiring guide that will motivate you to create a unique life that completely lights you up.



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    Speaking from experience, Danielle takes you by the hand and shows you how to release control and sprinkle joy on your daily life. It’s like having a personal coaching session throughout the book.”

    Hilda Lorena Tunon

    Integrative Health Coach

    Perfect to pick up and dive into at anytime, Danielle’s practical toolkit provides digestible tips to takeaway for those AHA! moments. Like a conversation with a good friend you can expect plenty of relatable YESES right from the start.”

    Emmeline Boyce

    Re:Mind Studio

    Permission to exhale from the first page. Freedom From Busy is a soul-nourishing guide to chasing your purpose with more ease. Each chapter leads you into a deeper connection with yourself, as Danielle shares memorable stories and insights to help you grow and succeed with more joy and a greater impact.”

    Sheila Botelho

    Health Coach and Host of the Connect With Sheila Botelho Podcast

    A really enjoyable and delightful read with lots of juicy tips for creating a less busy way of being. A book that is worth having on your book shelf as you can pick it up and turn a page to something simply uplifting for your every day.”

    Rachael Morley

    Founder of The Herbalist Hub and Virtually Mindful

    If you are looking for inspiring stories, practical strategies, and concrete exercises to reclaim your joy by freeing yourself from busy, look no further! Each page was like a glass of cool water, refreshing and life giving. Danielle’s sincere joy in helping others shines through, reigniting the same joyful spark in her readers!”

    Maretta Morovitz

    Joy Clubber

    This is a must read when you feel busy is your natural state. Danielle did an amazing job at breaking down steps to reclaim your joy. Easy and simple, yet profound, exercises that help to change your mindset and increase your joy. Wonderfully written!”

    Patricia Panasri

    Astrologer and Business Mentor

    Love this book! The combination of stories, humor and actionable ideas make this book a delight! Each chapter contains bite-sized ways to build a better relationship with yourself! A must read.”

    Nancy Jane Smith

    Author of the Happier Approach

    I greatly enjoyed this book. I’ve been working with Danielle for some time now and find her approach and philosophy resonate with me and my way of thinking. I love the practical examples and internal reflections which really bring the guidance to life. This is a great book for anyone looking to make a start on their journey to a more free and joyful life but can also be used as a resource tool to turn back to along the way. Thumbs up from me for sure!”

    Julia Linney


    Reading Danielle’s book is like following a tray of small lights to re-connect to who you are, a joyful, smiling woman in peace with herself and the world. Stylish, beautifully written and down to earth, Danielle has this remarkable ability to provide powerful and practical tips to free yourself from this glorified busyness. One step at the time in an elegant and graceful way. It’s like having a GPS to connect to your joy for life no matter what and this is priceless.

    Gaëlle Berruel

    Founder of A Rockstar Mindset and host of the Rockstar Mindset Podcast

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word in this book. It was beautifully written and I learnt a lot! It felt like Danielle understood exactly what I was struggling with and how to help me.

    Halima Salim

    Founder of the Female Language Academy


    ✨ Making It Easy ✨ Loving Your Growth Nerves ✨ What Affirmations Are Really About ✨ How To Choose Joy When You’d Rather Have a Tantrum ✨ Why Your Emotions Matter ✨ How To Build Confidence In Yourself ✨The Thing That’s Stopping Your Joy ✨ And more!!




    Chapter action-guides

    Downloadable workbook to take action after each chapter, complete with the top “takeaways” and plenty of space to record your insights and ahas.


    My ‘Head to Heart’ visualisation tool

    You’ll get both a mini and longer version of this visualisation tool (which I share in Chapter 7), to practice getting out of your head and into your heart.


    Affirmations and mantras

    This gorgeous deck of affirmations from the book will keep you feeling inspired daily. There are 12 beautifully designed and illustrated quotes for you to print and display.


    “I used to appear to have it all together. If I could bottle and hide, then I’d have succeeded. Turns out that’s just not true.”

    – Danielle Brooker


    Life Coach, wellness enthusiast and practical positive thinker Danielle Brooker is the host of the Let it Shine podcast and founder of The Daisy Patch.

    There, she creates conversations about creating more joy in our lives, navigating tough decisions, and allowing ourselves to shine.

    Through her private coaching programmes, digital courses, and monthly Joy Club membership supports highly ambitious, stressed-out women to reclaim their lives from busy and step into their joy.

    Danielle spent over a decade building a career in economics and policy, working for government and health charities. In a great job she didn’t feel great in, she kept questioning what her next “career move” should be. Yet it wasn’t until she completely burnt out and had to take time away from work, that she realised she needed a new relationship with “busy” to get back to feeling like herself again.

    She’s written for and been featured in publications such as, Breathe and DOSE—and is on a mission to redefine the conversation about stress and busyness to be centred from a place of joy. She lives in her dream city, London, with her partner, Nathan.


    If we’re busy, we don’t have to feel the stress, exhaustion, or disconnection that’s nagging at us. But, if we’re holding back on facing our discomfort, we’re also holding back on our deep sense of joy.

    It’s my calling to remind you that your deep sense of joy can lead you back to yourself. It’s our joy, our fun, and our pleasure in life where we truly come alive. So that’s what this book is all about.

    Danielle x

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