Episode 16: Figuring Out What Lights You Up

It’s all very well to say just “do what lights you up” but what if [...]

How To Not Let Your Comfort Zone Take You Out

I’m awkwardly standing in the corner. Watching women enter the room. Some with shoes on. [...]

This Subtle Shift Can Change Everything

There’s a tip I tell everyone who visits Japan for the first time. A subtle [...]

Why Heart-Based Decision Making Is A Must

Way back in about May I was feeling this craving for something more. I couldn’t [...]

How To Feel Productive Without The Pressure

I was pretty academic at school. Did well at tests. Studied studiously. I don’t think [...]

Getting off the Doubt Train

I sat with a blank page fidgeting. Stopping to check my phone. Changing through patterns [...]

Overwhelm, knowledge and taking action

I got such a lovely email today from one of our loyal subscribers. She shared [...]

I Let Myself Down This Week

I let myself down this week. You see I’ve set myself a bunch of standards [...]

When the perfectionist in you won’t back down

We’ve all got her. That inner beautiful perfect being. The one that writes neatly in [...]

When letting go makes you want to scream

Have you ever had that experience where you’re so caught up in an argument and [...]

The dance between discipline and desire

Something I hear a lot (from myself and others) is constant chatter of “I feel [...]