Episode 67: Freedom From Busy – It’s Not Just About Your Workload

When we talk about being busy we tend to rattle off everything we have on our “plates”. From working late and deadlines looming through to keeping up with the housework, social schedules and exercise routines. Much of what we think of when we think “busy” is schedule related. How “full” our diaries are = how “busy” we feel. Yet what if there was a whole other side to busy that we weren’t addressing? And by not accounting for it, we could keep chasing freedom from busy without every really untangling ourselves? In today’s conversation starter I’m asking you to consider busy as a state of mind, rather than a state of your diary and over-commitments. How “busy” your mind is has a big impact on how you feel. Let’s see how we can turn more attention to strategies that release us from overthinking, just as much as we look to strategies for over-doing.

Links and resources mentioned: 

Warrior Goddess Training by Heatherash Amara