Episode 62: Rid Yourself Of Worry And Claim Your Worth With Susie Moore

If you tend to get caught up in overthinking and worrying what you “should” or shouldn’t do, today’s episode is a must for you.

Having shuffled around shelter homes, moved to the other side of the world at age 18, divorced a few years later, and moved again to a foreign country with no qualifications, it could be easy to question how Susie Moore has kept her inherent positivity and joyful attitude to life.

Susie is a former sales director and adviser for start-ups in Silicon Valley, now a life coach and advice columnist for some of the world’s biggest media outlets. Her work has been featured in many prominent and well respected places from Oprah through to the Today Show and Time Inc.

Yet it was her down to earth and poignant commentary in a webinar that reeled me in and why I rushed to buy her latest book, Stop Checking Your Likes, and wanted her on the show.

She’s been obsessed with mastering the “confidence game” as she puts it, since she was a kid and its her mission to help more and more people live an approval free life.

I crammed in a lot of questions in this conversation because I really wanted you to hear her “can’t argue with that” insights for, as Susie puts I, straight up loving your life.

We talk about:

  • Susie’s childhood desire to bring the joy and how she realised it’s the only way
  • the laziness of cynicism, and how happiness is a such a success attractor
  • why we need more willingness to be uncomfortable
  • an instant short-circuit for self-doubt and worry about what others think of you (it’s my favourite part of Susie’s book!)
  • why trying to be anything but ourselves is exhausting (and how to stop holding back)
  • the relationship between pleasure and worthiness Quit

Just try to walk away from this episode without a spring in your step. ?

Links and resources mentioned:

Susie’s website www.susie-moore.com, (which has plenty of resources), Instagram @susie.moore, and YouTube channel.

Susie’s book Stop Checking Your Likes.