The Only Thing You Need to Know To Hit That Reset Button And Go For What You Want

I’ve had close to 40 conversations (and counting) with incredible women from all parts of the world, navigating lifes ups and downs.

From loss of parents, to receiving heartbreaking diagnoses, making massive career changes, starting businesses, handling divorces, living in shelter homes, starting businesses, living in foreign countries and more.

Their stories are vastly different and yet there’s also a golden thread that weaves them all together.

They’re human. And, they’re choosing joy.

On Monday I launched Season 4 of the Let It Shine Podcast. A celebration of everyone’s unique stories and an intention to spark more conversations about joy.

The fundamental belief I return to over and over again—and particularly on days of deep self-doubt—is that we are all human.

Even in my previous jobs, friendships, and relationships in my life, this truth has always led the way.

As a graduate in a government department I could easily have shyed away from the “big wigs”, scared of their success, knowledge, status or what they would think of me. But it just didn’t bother me.

I’d talk to CEO-equivalents and attend meetings surrounded by my boss’ peers, and it felt natural to me. Because I knew I was human. And so were they.

Before I finished university I had a job where everyone was scared of the boss if she was having a stressful day. Yet I loved working with her. She was direct and knew what she wanted. She had standards and was clear about them. And, she was stretched in multiple directions (no wonder she was so stressed). She was human.

I know how to be with humans.

When I catch myself on days questioning if I can, or whether I’m “worthy enough” to connect, talk, try, apply—I do my best to always come back to this truth.

Need a reset button for your own self-doubt?

You can always start afresh.

Come back to this truth: We are all humans. And we’re all doing our best. And yes, that includes you too.

As one of my incredible podcast guests shares in Episode 62:

“Your worthiness is unquestionable”.

~Susie Moore

So please, keep going.

Whatever it is you’re craving right now, it’s yours.

And if you need even more of a push to hit that reset button, go listen to the episode with Susie. She’s full of undebatable rationale for why your worthiness is innate (and how you therefore have no excuse but to go after what you want! ?).