Episode 7: Talking About The Taboo Topic of Money and Relationships

There’s a topic I find we shy away from that has such a massive influence on how we can show up for ourselves and live a full, joyful and expressive life. It’s something that has the power to trip us up in our relationship and put a tonne of pressure on us as Mamas. And that topic is – money! In this episode I’m sharing more about my personal money story, how our relationship has evolved as a result, and some of the rising pressures I found creeping in during the early transition into motherhood. 

  • How money triggers can be clues to something deeper going on 
  • The relationship cycles we move through and how our learning speeds up 
  • The self-doubts that come up in early motherhood and what money has to do with that 
  • Why we should all be talking more about money and how it influences so many areas of our life