Episode 6: Tuning Out The Noise To Trust Yourself 

If you’ve noticed yourself going into overwhelm and feeling stuck at times, there’s a good chance you’re paying more attention to the ‘noise’ outside of you instead of tuning in to yourself. Particularly in those ‘thick of it’ Mama moments I’ve noticed how much more we can get caught up in comparison mode and feeling like we’re just not getting anywhere or getting anything done.

In today’s episode I share some really simple, beautiful and enlightening practices to get you back to those feelings of excitement, confidence and energy quickly. They will help you to focus more on your inner guidance system. 

  • How overwhelm creeps in and what we can do to avoid it 
  • Paying attention to your feelings and where they generated, so you can use them to make better decisions 
  • Feeling confidence, excited and energised way more often