Episode 5: “I Don’t Like You Anymore” And Other Ways Resentment Bubbles 

I found myself sharing a story with a new mama friend this week about how much I didn’t like my partner in the early days of mamahood. And, how much I loved him too. We were in our little love bubble and we were also snappy and snarly. It was both extremes – and that’s all part of the ride. Something we really don’t talk about enough is how resentment bubbles up, and how we can interpret it.

In today’s episode I share some of my own personal examples in my relationship of resentment bubbling, what it was really all about, and how we can flush it out of our systems to return to love. This is all about feeling our feelings in order to get to the message they hold. 

  • What not liking your partner could be telling you 
  • The truth about resentment and what to do with it 
  • Getting your needs met by being honest about your feelings