Episode 66: From Perfectionism To The Joy Of Slowing Down, With Gaelle Berruel

Pressure and perfectionism tend to go hand in hand. Often the pressure builds up over time, meaning you don’t even realise how closely tied the relationship is. If you’d told our guest Gaelle Berruel she was a perfectionist, she wouldn’t have believed you. ? However a cocktail of becoming a mother, realising she had everything she wanted, and a performance review with unexpected feedback all led to her unravelling from busy.  

As you’ll hear in this episode it was all for the best too! Her joyful energy is magnetic and she now thrives in her day job in the banking industry, where she’s been for 10 years, whilst also building her wellness consultancy.  

Gaelle is now a Motivational Speaker, a Mindset Mentor and a Wellbeing Expert, as well as a UK Ambassador for Psychologies magazine. A publication which inspires and motivates readers to create a life they love through the online Life Labs platform. 

She says when she got the taste of slowing down, she loved it instantly, and while it’s still a dance at times with running all the aspects of her life, she now knows how to spot when “it’s happening” and give herself grace. We talk about everything from the performance race through to creating your own bubble of happiness and “taking pleasure in doing in nothing”. 

We cover: 

  • Slowing down and still being highly ambitious 
  • Getting curious about what next 
  • Looking at your life as an observer 
  • Being willing to “dip your toe” into a new way of being 
  • Having strength and conviction that life is happening for you 
  • And the French philosophy of taking time to do things, and choosing quality not quantity 

Gaelle’s website, Instagram @arockstarmindset and A Rockstar Mindset podcast 

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