Episode 65: You’re Destined For More, Here’s How To Step It Up

What if everything you’ve been craving to create in your life was so much closer than you think? It’s just that you’re choosing to play smaller than you deserve to be? 

Time and time again the women I meet tell me what the change they’re craving in their lives. They want to stop feeling so busy and torn between multiple demands. They want to feel deep relief and enjoy their lives more. And, they have big dreams and vision, but they’re holding themselves back. 

I immediately see their strength. Their beauty. Their creativity. But there’s something in the way. If you know you are destined for more in your life – more joy, more creativity, more love, more presence, more time on the couch to watch Netflix, whatever it is for you! ? – this episode is for you. I’m sharing ways for you to acknowledge your own inner strength and how to continue to step up fully for yourself.