The Freedom To Be Me

Over the next couple of months, every fortnight you’ll be hearing from an incredible soul [...]

Episode 101: The Magic Of You

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What Staring At The Sky All Morning Can Do For Productivity Blocks

I sat on a park bench and stared at the sky yesterday.  Long slow deep breaths, [...]

Episode 91: Healing Powers of Creativity, Finding Your Community & Embracing Change

Ann Moller spent years feeling like she didn’t quite fit in. As a deeply sensitive [...]

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Episode 43: How To Be Positive And Still Talk About The Hard Stuff, With Laura Jones

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Episode 41: Unlocking Your Creativity, Emotional Rollercoasters, And Radical Rest, With Millie Ralph

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If You’re Not Doing This You’ll Stay Stuck

My brain is feeling streeeeetched. At an all day workshop last weekend I realised I [...]

Episode 13: Being Gentle With Ourselves, Gratitude and The Pay-Off Of Consistency With Dima Mekdad

In this episode we’re joined by Dima Mekdad, a Syrian Londoner who used to be [...]

How can creativity help me get what I want out of life?

Having written this blog a few months ago for the Escape School, Elizabeth Gilbert has [...]