Episode 91: Healing Powers of Creativity, Finding Your Community & Embracing Change

Ann Moller spent years feeling like she didn’t quite fit in. As a deeply sensitive soul she says it felt like a film of cellophane was separating her from others and she longed for it to disappear so she could connect from her heart. She knew she’d found one of her places to do that when stepping into a theatre setting felt effortless. Since then she’s gone on to explore decades of experience and training in creativity, personal growth, spirituality and entrepreneurship fields. In this episode Ann shares straight from her heart how she began that process of trusting in her ‘north star’, feeling in to what felt good to her, and becoming who she is today. We talk about everything from being gentle with our emotions, to what an acting career has taught her, to shifting our states from expectations to wants. This is a deep, heart-led conversation and I can’t wait for you to journey with us.

Ann now describes herself as an intuitive, a creative muse, a singer, an editor, a coach, an actress, a dancer, a healer, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a friend, a student. You FFB Group Experience. You can connect with her at annmollerthemuse.com or find her on Instagram @anncmoller. She offers one-to-one Soul Sessions and Intuitive Muse Sessions and will be opening a sacred circle group offering very soon, so stay tuned.

Links and other resources mentioned:

The Breakthrough programme at the Caron Foundation