Episode 41: Unlocking Your Creativity, Emotional Rollercoasters, And Radical Rest, With Millie Ralph

One of my favourite quotes from today’s episode: “Life is really wonky”. Because it’s so true! And there’s lots of beauty in allowing some of that wonkiness in. 

I’m so happy to be introducing you to the wonderful Millie Ralph today – to celebrate the launch of Season 3! 

And what a start. This conversation was rich, honest and loving. And there’s even a special bonus treat for you at the end. 

Millie transitioned from a career of over a decade in acting to supporting women’s wellbeing through sound healing, meditation and yoga therapy. She says for years before she made the change she felt something unsettling, that kept her labelling herself in one area. It wasn’t until she realised “I can do lots of things” that she gave herself permission to let go and build something new.  

Millie shares openly about how some of those pressures started to build for her, until she reached a tipping point. Including facing some health challenges along the way. 

We talk about the importance of feeling, the daily practice of letting go, rest being “truly radical”, and so much more. Listen out for Millie’s top tip for destressing and creating more calm (it’s one of my favourites). 

She now works with women who are wanting to connect back to their natural cycles and womb wisdom, through her sound healing practices and classes. And as a special bonus treat – we recorded a 10min guided sound bath for you at the end of the episode. Get ready for some instant calm. ? 

Links and resources mentioned: 

Millie’s website and Instagram @millie_ralph 

Uma DinsmoreWomb Yoga 

Insight Timer meditation app 

Francesca Secolonovo, Sound Healer