Episode 43: How To Be Positive And Still Talk About The Hard Stuff, With Laura Jones

“Pops of positivity” is what her Instagram bio states. And it couldn’t be more true. Having stumbled upon Laura Jones’ illustrations in my feed and hitting save on just about every single one of them, I got curious and wanted to hear more about her story. 

A kindergarten teacher that “doodled” in her spare time to process her feelings, Laura Jones is passionate about spreading as many smiles as she can. 

Whilst she’s had a version of her blog for many years (recently republished as hellohappee.com), her illustrations officially started on Instagram two years ago (now with over 130k followers). 

Starting to post her “doodles” was a way to create a positive space where people could go, something she wished people had been talking about when she was growing up and living with anxiety. 

I love so much about this conversation! Laura shares a common belief of mine, that we can talk about the hard stuff and still be positive. We talk about how creativity has supported her wellbeing, the power of imagination, taking care of our emotions and mental health, and the lesson that’s in our breaking points. 

I can’t wait for you to listen! 

Links and resources mentioned: 

Laura’s blog hellohappee.com and Etsy shop links 


Janis Kaplan’s book The Gratitude Diaries 

Susan Cain’s book Quiet