Episode 101: The Magic Of You

For the first time ever we have a second-round interview with a guest on the Let It Shine Podcast. And in some ways, Laura Jane Jones, requires little introduction. I rave about her and her work all the time, particularly if you hang out on Instagram with me. Laura first shared her story in Episode 43, and how she started tapping into her creativity as a way to manage change and stress.  

Fast-forward around 12 months since that conversation and so much has evolved for her! In today’s episode we get into the juicy details of how she published her first book (the fun bits and the hard bits); what she teaches her kids in class that all adults should learn too (my favourite part); and accessing a sense of certainty from within. I can’t wait for you to tune in and share with us both your favourite insights.  

Links and resources mentioned: 

Connect with Laura on Instagram @laurajaneillusrtations, check out her website and online shop www.hellohappee.com, and be sure to check out and buy her new book, The Magic Of You

Listen to Laura’s first episode on the Let It Shine Podcast, Episode 43

Or watch the IGTV we recorded for this conversation here