A lot of things feel out of your control right now. Feeling good doesn’t have to be one of them.

here’s what you get when you join:

🌼 5 x Daily Joy Experiments: delivered straight to your inbox, so you don’t have to go searching for them – these are simple (and fast) exercises that aim to refocus your attention on joy and feeling good.

🌼 Downloadable Progress Tracker: to show you how far you can come in a short amount of time.

🌼 Evening Reflection Ritual: a mini journaling exercise to integrate your daily experiment, which can take as little as 2mins.

🌼 Access to 3 x Live Online Group Q&As: with me, to coach you through any stumbling points. I treat these as I would any time with my clients and they are highly valuable sessions! Just ask any of my Joy Club members.

🌼 Recordings of the Q&A sessions: so you can return to the advice anytime you like.

🌼 “Head To Heart” Visualisation Audio: so you can stop getting stuck in your head and allow the joy in.

🌼 Feel Good Formula Cheatsheet: to guide you through more awareness of your own cyclical nature when it comes to personal growth and achieving your goals.

You’ve been holding it all together thinking there’s too much going on right now to make a change. But that’s just left you feeling more and more stuck. Now’s the time to move forward.

why focus on feeling good?

it’s been an unusual year

I know this has been an unusual year for you.

There’s been additional stress related to being at home more often, adjusting routines, schedules and even feeling more pressure to take care of all the people in your life. You’re unlikely to have given yourself much space to adjust. This Challenge will help you do so, and in mini bite-size ways that feel easy and doable.

I also know that in some ways you’re feeling busier than ever.

Which is why this Challenge has been designed to quickly and easily slide into your day-to-day life.

There’s nothing you need to do to “prepare” and I’m not asking you to block out chunks of time in your diary.

get on track for a feel-good finish to the year

Despite this year’s various restrictions asking many of us to slow down in some way, I continue to hear: “This year has gone so fast!”. And it won’t be the last time I hear it.

The months of the year can get swallowed up so fast when you haven’t had the space to intentionally set yourself up for how you want them to be. Which leads to more statements about how fast things are going, or, how busy you are.

What if, instead of getting sucked into the cycle of busyness around you, you chose to feel good instead?

To intentionally set yourself up for success (whatever that looks like and means to you) for the rest of the year. That’s what the Feel Good Challenge is all about.

it’s about so much more than feeling good

Joy is like a muscle, when you stop working it out it loses its strength and flexibility.

This week is all about building its strength back up in your life so you have easy access to feeling good, no matter what kind of day you’re having.

Research has shown that when we turn our attention to feeling good, our health and wellbeing improves. Think more mental clarity, increased resilience, and a stronger immune system (to name just a few!). Not only that – when you know how to feel good, you’ll start to notice that your moments spent in “stuckness” or indecision will be shorter and less frequent.

what to do next

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the next round starts.

Register below! Then tell all your friends about it. 🥳 Because let’s face it, focusing on feeling good for a week is kinda an unusual thing to do. And definitely worth boasting about!

When you register you get access to all 5 days for free, which you can return to anytime you like. Even if you’re not sure you want to do the experiments this week, still register to complete the challenge in your own time.

The challenge is a great way to implement tools I teach my private clients in order to get unstuck, build more confidence, and live more joyful, purposeful lives.

Get unstuck

Joining the 5-Day Challenge will give you ways to handle your To-Do List like a pro, without the burn out. Think of it as access to an instant release valve on all that pressure building right now.

If you…

  • Started the year feeling all gung-ho, then quickly lost momentum
  • Felt waaaayyy too stressed at any time this year
  • Snapped at your partner this morning for something super trivial (like spilling your cup of tea or forgetting to take the rubbish out)
  • Work-from-home, stay-at-home, not knowing what’s happening in the world right now is driving you a little crazy
  • Can’t remember the last time you belly laughed or did snorting giggles
  • Go to (virtual) yoga, meditate and even journal but still feel a bit “meh”
  • Keep answering everyone’s “how are you?” with “ssooooo busy”
  • Are really hard on yourself about all that you achieved last year, or in the first half of this year
  • Keep worrying if you’re doing enough to take care of your family and loved ones
  • Go to sleep each night feeling a bit anxious about what’s on your plate

… then this is for YOU.


Feel good

You’re going to experience easy ways to feel good you’ve never even thought of.

Research shows that when we feel good it boosts our overall immune system and wellbeing. Making us super strong physically and mentally.

Plus, feeling good feels good. When you’re in a better state of mind you’re more able to access clarity, make better decisions, be more present with loved ones, and achieve more because you’re starting from a place of calm.

Just imagine how you approach a heavy workload or busy day when you’re in a good mood versus a stressed mood, how different you feel on each, and how that changes your results.

Move forward

The daily joy experiments are designed to strengthen your “feel-good” muscle, so you can keep feeling lifted even on your most stressful days.

As humans we’re wired to feel safe. Which a lot of the time means staying comfortable and certain about things. If you’ve been behaving in a certain way for a long time, it’s going to feel scary to make any big changes.

Which is why experiments and practice are the best thing you can do to get you out of your funk. And to shift you from living your life on autopilot mode to actually coming alive again. If you feel like you’ve lost your spark, you probably have. But that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to find again – it just requires a bit of limbering up.

During the challenge you’ll receive daily experiments (or workouts if that’s your thing) to help you flex your joy muscles. The idea is that the more you’re aware of what feels good in your life, the quicker and easier it is for you to access those emotional states when you need them most.

The one challenge you’ll actually finish.

Tell all your friends about the challenge so they can feel good too