What if this year-end didn’t have to feel chaotic and stressful?

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Free daily prompts to ditch your stress and realign with joy, regardless of what kind of day you’re having.


Are your stress levels starting to rise?

Instead of getting caught up in the pressure, mounting to-dos, and anxiousness about “getting stuff done”, this event is all about intentionally bringing more joy to your finish to the year.

With daily prompts, mantras to keep you on track, and downloadable templates to create more joy in your life.

What if instead of feeling pulled in all different directions, anxious and always busy, you could instead feel more calm, more ease, and more flow?

Ignite more joy and ease this year-end. Join the Lead With Joy week challenge. Register for free below.

    When you lead from a place of joy, everything becomes easier.

    Starts Mon 23 November

    There’s been so many changes and things feeling out of your control this year. And now, the holiday season is starting to poke it’s head up and it can start to feel a bit too much.

    That’s where your Lead With Joy week comes in.

    We’re using the week to refocus your attention to what is in your control: how you feel. So you can return to a sense of calmness and power and end the year actually feeling good.

    Yes, even this year.

    We’re operating on a simple (and powerful) principle this week:

    When you bring more attention to joy, you get to experience more of it in your life.

    I’ve designed Lead With Joy week to feel nourishing and easy to integrate into your daily life. It’s a dynamic combination of simple coaching tools, easy ways to reconnect to joy, and the power of community support.

    Here’s what to expect each day:

    ✨ a downloadable and printable Lead With Joy template to capture your progress and fuel your joy momentum

    ✨ an intention setting question to frame your day

    ✨ a daily journal prompt to reflect on throughout your day

    ✨ a new daily mantra to shift your mindset and create a safe space to feel ease

    And as an added bonus you’ll also receive:

    💖 my guided “Head To Heart” visualisation audio I created to support you to return to feeling good when you find yourself stuck in your head and feeling the stress bubble.

    I’ll be sparking the #leadwithjoy conversation over on my Instagram all week. Sharing my own daily intentions, insights and joy-starters. I would love for you to join in the conversation and share your wins and discoveries along the way.

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    Ditch the stress. Claim your joy.

    I’m already so busy. Why should I add this too?

    It’s natural to feel a little pulled in all directions at this time of year. Our minds start racing about all the things we should be “getting done” and at the same time we want to be slowing down, being more social, getting organised for the year-end break.

    But it doesn’t have to consume you. And it certainly doesn’t have to leave you feeling anxious, exhausted and run down.

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    For those who want to feel more calm and present, and finish the year on a high.

    How will joining in make a difference?

    I’ve designed daily “intention setting” exercises for you to set yourself up for a feel-good experience each day.

    Too often we just keep racing forward without taking stock and fully integrating the year that has been. Which means we’re catapulted into just repeating the same patterns. (And experiencing the same feelings).

    By going through a daily process, you’re focusing your mind intentionally, which also helps calm your nervous system. That calmness starts to translate into clarity, confidence and more feel-good emotions.

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    It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart.

    I’m worried I won’t have enough time. What’s involved each day?

    This is a naturally busy time of year – let alone all the changes we’re constantly adapting to this year – so I wanted to create something that made you feel that sense of ease and relief.

    This isn’t about adding an extra “to do” to your list.

    This is about simply creating daily awareness that prioritises you first. The exercises can take just 2mins each day if you really wanted them to. But there’s room to play longer if you choose.

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