What if you spent more time focused on joy and less time worrying?

For the big-hearted high-achiever who’s been feeling a little lost lately. You haven’t quite worked out how to consistently balance all the competing demands on your time and energy.

Instead of falling into overwhelm and stress, it’s time to choose joy. Join Joy Club today.


a club designed to make you feel good. instant support, community and tools to bring more joy int your life.

What if you could get out of your head quickly and effortlessly? If you could make decisions with confidence and ease? Imagine what would be possible in your life.


It was mid-March this year, just as the global shutdown was expanding. Uncertainty was rising, and also a gentle wave of hope for what could look and feel different on the other side.

I made a commitment to myself to stay anchored in my joy, no matter how much was out of my control.

I reached out to a few clients and invited them to come together, as a community. To have a safe place to release any building stress, regain control, and prioritise joy.

Joy Club was born. 

What started organically, has grown into a thriving environment. A judgement-free and supportive space to develop a more sustainable, joyful, approach to work and life.

And this is your invitation to join.

Think of it like a monthly subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime or your gym. Except way more fun, with incredible support, and guaranteed feel-goods.

“Working in a group format has been really inspiring. Especially working with such strong women.”


Joy Club Member

For the always-on, always taking-care-of-others woman who is tired of all the pressure. 

In Joy Club we recognise that we are ambitious women who don’t want to give up achievement in order to replenish ourselves. However, we also know that in order to live a more purposeful life we need to embed more fun, joy and ease. Joy Club is your anchor for returning to joy no matter how busy and challenging life gets.

It is possible to achieve more with ease, fun and joy.

Joy Club will help you:

👉 Get out of your head and overthinking mode quickly and effortlessly.

👉 Feel more in control of your life, regardless of how much uncertainty there is.

👉 Get a fresh perspective on those things keeping you stuck.

👉 Take a new approach to questions that keep circling. (Should I quit my job? How do I get more motivated at work? I’m snapping at my loved ones, how do I stop?).

👉 Anchor in sustainable Joy Habits in your life, which act as a foundation to return to even on those most challenging days.

👉 Recharge your battery from all the doing and giving.

👉 Relieve the pressures building in your day to day, so you can be more present.

👉 Consistently show up for yourself, creating space for ‘me time’ with ease.

Putting you back in control of your feelings. And giving you a fresh new way to approach the things keeping you stuck.

“Danielle’s support and guidance has been invaluable, caring and compassionate. I couldn’t recommend Joy Club highly enough.”


Joy Club Member

For £19 per month you get access to:

🌼 Monthly Live Group Q&As, led by me 

Ask me anything! Get your exact questions answered and momentum on the change you’ve been “meaning to” create in your life. These sessions are a great opportunity to challenge your own thinking and see things from a new perspective. 

🌼 An instant community of heart-centred, supportive, non-judgemental women.

This is by far members’ favourite part of the Club! Honestly, this space we’ve created is really special. I love watching everyone nod along as someone shares, and the impact it has to know you’re not alone. You get to turbo charge your own breakthroughs just by witnessing others.

🌼 Your questions answered

Even if you can’t make the Live Q&A you’ll always have access to pre-submit any question you have ahead of time, then watch my response in the replay. We’re usually able to cover all pre-submitted questions during our monthly calls.

🌼 Access to private members’ area

This is the Joy Club Hub. I like to think of as a bespoke collection of inspiration, designed with you in mind. Instead of scouring the internet for hours, getting sucked into an Instagram rabbit hole, or trying to find that long lost email, I’ve done all the work for you. All your Joy Club content and additional resources are housed here.

🌼 Seasonal mini self-coaching videos

I record “conversation starters” to provide you with hints of direction to explore throughout the month. These are short (15-20mins) videos where I share insights on the season’s theme and suggest ways to dive deeper, incorporating each of the three lens we consider: body, mind and soul.

🌼 Handout including easy journal prompts and coaching questions

We call this the “Reflections Handout”, which gives you another way to dive deeper into the seasonal theme. Examples of themes we’ve covered include: grounding, wisdom, responsibility, creativity and desire.

🌼 Mini Joy Masterclasses, led by incredible guests

These are recorded masterclass sessions with incredible guests experts, sharing their wisdom on topics as varied as astrological self-care, through to high-functioning anxiety. All with the common thread of providing you with tools to cultivate more joy, ease and purpose in your life. You receive three masterclasses per season, each honing in on a particular lens for that theme (body, mind or soul).

🌼 Extra time to get to know the community

You get access to our private group chat, giving you a place to connect and find encouragement and support in between live calls. Lots of opportunities for feeling good and getting unstuck faster.

🌼 £19 per month fee locked in forever

Your £19 per month membership fee will be set at that rate for the lifetime of your membership. This is an incredible price for the value of resources and coaching support you will be receiving.

🌼 Access to the full membership library

You’ll also get access to all previous Joy Club session recordings and content that has been shared in previous months, so you can arrange a joy-binge-party whenever you like!

Most importantly, you can make your experience of Joy Club your own.

I’ve designed Joy Club in a way that means you could spend as little as 1 hour per month or up to 2.5 hours on it.

This is about making your experience of the community your own. Members love being able to choose when and how they interact with the content and resources.

For £19 per month it’s the easiest way to access more feel goods in your life, while being surrounded by a community of women who want to create a more joyful, purposeful life.

When you expand your capacity for joy, it has a ripple effect throughout all areas of your life.

“I really love Danielle’s coaching style. And I really like this group. Danielle is good at pushing us just a little bit to be uncomfortable and at the same time to bring our awareness to where this discomfort is and how we can progress. This is a really good group to do some inner work and connect with other women.”


Joy Club Member

Not sure if Joy Club is for you? Check out these FAQs.

Absolutely! Joy Club is not about doing more. It’s about having access to a community that feels great to you. We have monthly live calls and you can always listen to the recording if you can’t join in live. How much you participate in the community in between calls is completely up to you, and it’s likely there’ll be some months where you feel more “in it” than others.

All emotions are welcomed in Joy Club. Actually, they’re celebrated! Really that’s what Joy Club (and everything I teach) is all about. A place and space to practice welcoming in all of your emotions, having a way to process them, and feeling more like a human once you’ve had a chance to express them or witness them in others. Come grumpy, we’ll understand. It’s incredible how an hour of Joy Club can boost anyone’s mood.

I’ve been hanging out online for years now. In fact I’ve been Skyping family and friends all over the world since Skype was first introduced (like 17 years ago!). And while at first you might think it’s weird to hang out via computer, it very very quickly feels like home. It’s much more about how we create the space than it is about the medium we do it through. Some of my nearest and dearest friends we’ve spent most of our friendship online and it completely fills me up. If you’re worried about the tech side, just drop me a note when you join and I’ll send you an easy peasy instructions video so you can get familiar with everything before we get started. I love keeping things simple and easy, so my intention is always to make any platform we use feel fun and easy for you too!

That’s cool. I love that you’re willing to give it a go first. And, if you find Joy Club’s not for you you can simply cancel your membership anytime. The billing cycle is just like Netflix, or Amazon Prime – i.e. once you decide to cancel it’ll be effective from your next month’s payment date. And you can still “hang out” with us until then.

Joy Club membership is currently £19 per month. A rate that is likely to change. If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend signing up now, because when you do you will lock in your rate for the lifetime of your membership. I think £19 is a pretty good deal. You can always see how your first month goes and decide after that if you want to stay or go.

Absolutely! The more the merrier. Bring them in. Invite away. I love seeing The Daisy Patch community grow far and wide, and particularly love seeing faces from all over the world.

Nope. This is a “choose your own adventure” style really. See my response to the first Q about not having much spare time right now too. We’ll have a monthly live group Q&A coaching call, and you could choose to only tune in to that and not hang out in the members-area. Or you could hang out everyday in the members-area. Completely up to you. I promise you that the private members-area will be full of feel-goods and you’ll always leave feeling refreshed and energised.

Members say their favourite part of the Club is connecting with a variety of personalities, and the dedication of everyone sharing and supporting.

“I think Joy Club could not have come at a better time. Especially with the things we’re going through right now. I completely and utterly recommend Joy Club to any woman that wants to join a community of other women and get through this, and all these thoughts that we’re having at this moment in time.”


Joy Club Member

There’s a collective power when we turn our attention to joy. It has the ability to transform our relationship with uncertainty and change.

Joy Club has been designed to create ease in your life. This is not about doing more and adding to the overwhelm. It is about creating a sustainable system in your life for igniting joy.

And coming together in a community like this has a special collective power to it. Having a safe space to welcome all your emotions, and intentionally cultivate joy allows you to deepen your relationship with yourself in the process.

The more you prioritise joy, expect to experience a growing sense of confidence, more fulfilling relationships and an expansion of what’s possible to create in your life.

What you can expect as a result:

✔ Shake off indecision ten times faster and be able to make progress on all those dreams.

✔ Feel less stroppy, and more happy, more often.

✔ Get clarity on your next steps.

✔ Boost your confidence to speak up and share your ideas and opinions.

✔ Fall asleep calmer and more grounded each night.

✔ Have more fun and increase the laughter in your life.

✔ Tap back into your creativity.

✔ Know what to do with that inner critic voice that holds you back.

✔ Remove underlying stress each day.

✔ Stop putting things off and follow through.

✔ Takeaway that feeling of underlying stress and replace it with calmness.

Research shows that when we feel good it boosts our overall immune system and wellbeing. Making us strong physically and mentally.

Plus, feeling good feels good.

When you’re in a better state of mind you’re more able to access clarity, make better decisions, be more present with loved ones, and achieve more because you’re starting from a place of calm.

Joy Club is your place to come practice and develop consistent joy habits in your life, in a supportive, non-judgemental space. So that no matter what kind of day you’re having, you know how to return to that place of calm.

I talk a lot about welcoming all of our emotions. This isn’t about pushing away the tough stuff, it’s about figuring it out so you can move forward.

I know you’ve got a lot going on in your life. It’s like your To-Do list never ends. And you must be feeling exhausted.

If you’ve been wanting to create more space for you in your life, but you keep putting it off, Joy Club is the best place to start.

It’s a “mini step” to creating that space and keeping your commitment to fill your own tank first. With regular reminders to keep you accountable and connected to your joy.

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