For the highly ambitious, stressed out woman who really wants to plan for the rest of 2020, but you’re freaking out about everything being so “uncertain” right now.


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Yes, it’s an unusual time. but it doesn’t mean your dreams have to go on hold.

I’ve been a planner my whole life. My happy place is with my notebooks and coloured pens, and, inside my own imagination. I’ve dreamt up all the places I want to visit, the people I want to connect with, and the change I want to make in the world. And, despite feeling completely stuck at times, it’s worked! I’m teaching you the exact “formula” I use to consistently show up for myself and my dreams.


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Whether you LOVE uncertainty or not, it’s likely this year has certainly not been what you were expecting back in January. And with so many changes that feel out of your control, it’s easy to get into a spin about when things will finally return.

Yet what if you didn’t have to “wait” for some secret ultimate turning point? What if you could feel the way you wanted to feel right now despite the levels of unknowns in your life?

Every year I take myself through a detailed year-end review and planning process. It’s one of the most popular themes I talk about! And I think it’s because we all crave that sense of progress and growth. We want to know how to make things happen in our lives.

Usually at this time of year I do a “mid year review”. It’s my way of checking in with those plans and seeing how I’m tracking. It’s also a way of taking care of myself – giving myself space to digest all that has been in the past six months, so that I can feel fuelled and ready to make the most out of the rest of the year.

This year, I needed more time to “marinate”. So I gave myself time. Time to be. Time to think. Time to feel. It’s one of nature’s secrets that so few of us follow – a natural winter period before we’re ready to emerge fully.

Are you ready to fully emerge?

In this unique masterclass I’ll share my four-step formula for doing your very own “mid year review” – in a way that feels natural, easy and fun for you. It’s guaranteed to reignite you. 

what’s in your control

While there’s so much you don’t know and can’t control – like when your favourite pastry shop will start delivering to your neighbourhood, or how many people will like your Instagram post, or whether it’ll be sunny tomorrow – there is one tool that is timeless in supporting you to feel more in control and certain about your life. 


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space to imagine what could be

And not just any planning. My way is a little unconventional you could say. It’s very much about feeling good. And consistency. This time of year is an ideal time to be planning – reflecting on how far you have come so far this year (yes we’re at the midway point now!), where you still want to be, what’s making you feel great, and what you could let go of. It won’t happen on its on. You’re going to have to create the:


permission for things to be easy and fun

In this masterclass, I’ll walk you through the exact steps I take to check in at this time of year. A process that helps me to choose to integrate all that has been instead of getting caught up in chasing. One that really supports me to cultivate even more joy in my life. Turns out cultivating your dreams really can be easy and fun, they just require your:


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✏️ The reason I never skip this planning process – and why you shouldn’t either.

✏️ The game-changing tweak I made to my planning process 5 years ago that has kept me ignited and lit up ever since.

✏️ 4 fast-action steps for immediately kickstarting your joy (so you don’t have to stay stuck).

✏️ The missing ingredient to most people’s goal-setting and action planning, and why without it you’ll never get your mojo back.

✏️ An opportunity to ask me anything – from the notebooks I use, to my favourite coloured pens and rituals I do to ensure my dreams actually happen.

✏️ An easy (and fun!) exercise to get you out of self-doubt mode and into action.

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📝 90 minutes recorded session taught by me (Danielle), which you can watch via video or audio (in case you like to learn on the move).

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📝 Lifetime access, so you can return to the lessons whenever you need a refresh.

My speciality is connecting the dots for you, so you can see the magic pathway to get you to your dreams (aka those things that really fill you with joy in your life). Get some of that magic in this masterclass. Total value of the class and all the extras is well over £199.


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