3 Truths To Courageously Lead You Back To Feeling In Control

I was sitting at my local coffee shop listening to the babble of conversation coursing through the place. My barista had said “it’s kinda nice to have this as a soundtrack”.

A symbol and cue that things were shifting and changing.

For me, there was an almost heightened energy in the air. As if everyone needed to open the fuse they’d held shut for so long.

I sat tucked away in a corner, feeling calm, yet also a little perplexed.

Change has an interesting dynamic.

We can crave it and fear it at the same time.

Some people love a sense of not knowing.

Others immediately trigger a sense of inner anxiousness when they don’t know.

Yet change is always the same.

One of the absolute sureties in life.

If you cling to control you’re likely to heighten your stress response, clouding your thoughts and feelings.

How you show up for change makes all the difference.

For some people in that coffee shop after months of restrictions, it felt like a desperate neediness to claw back control. For others, there was a simple allowing and graceful moving in to a new phase of change.

Here’s 3 truths I’ve come to understand, that courageously lead me back to that simple allowing (and relief) on the days when my clinginess appears again.

  1. Life is ever-changing, ever-evolving. Knowing that we are in motion makes it feel more natural and helps me acknowledge its necessity.
  2. You can only control you, not others. Brings me back to an inner focus. Clinging often leads to focus on everything outside of us.
  3. Getting comfy with your discomfort will give you back your power. The more I recognise the feeling that comes up, the more I’m able to know it’s all part of my change and growth.

Knowing that change (and uncertainty) is all part of life, how will you choose to show up for it differently?

I know for me it feels like a clearing of the fog, a lifting of pressure and a release of creativity. I feel far more in control of creating my life when I allow the uncertainty in. ?