Episode 33: Building A New Life & How To Keep Returning To Your Happy Place With Emma Medina-Castrejon

Emma Medina-Castrejon is so generous in sharing all the milestone points in her life that have taught her big lessons in this episode – from moving countries, to becoming a mother, homeschooling, walking away from her marriage and her parents passing away. And all of it has made her who she is today. 

She’s found herself for the first time ever having to consider how to think about herself first and “building a new life”. One of the things that’s supporting her to do so is what she says “returning to my first love”. For her, that’s photography and bringing people’s stories to life.  

She shares how for a long time she had so much resistance and “should” over how to make herself happy – which just left her in limbo. Now she’s learning how to tap more into that place of joy in her heart, whether or not the doubts are there. There is sooo much in this episode. Her big vision now is to create a community of women who dare to show up and use the images of themselves to gain more and more confidence. 

Links and resources mentioned: 

Emma’s website, or connect on Instagram @emma_mc_fr