Episode 37: Leaning Into Excitement, Trusting Yourself & Staying True To Your Values With Sophie Clyde-Smith

Studying Biomedical Sciences then finding herself supporting people to progress their careers and build side hustles may not sound like a natural fit. Yet Sophie Clyde-Smith’s journey from the rockpools of Jersey (UK) through recruitment has been about following what feels good to her and trusting that things will always work out. I love her spirit of continuing to tune into what matters most to her and how that fuels her approach to her business (happy 1st birthday Sophie!). If you’ve ever felt like your approach to your career feels out of sorts, or that you have so many interests you’re not sure how to tie it all together – you’re going to love hearing Sophie’s story. We talk about knowing your values, leaning into things that excite you, not being afraid to receive a few “rejections” along the way, and how to have trust and confidence in your decisions.

Links and resources mentioned:

Sophie’s website, Instagram @sophieclydesmith and LinkedIn.

Sophie’s “side hustle” Seasonal Socials @seasonalsocials on Instagram

Danielle’s blog post on “The One Where I Booked Kenya”

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