Episode 49: Experience Over Stuff And Changing Your Beliefs To Live More Freely With Genevieve Parker Hill

A creative introvert who loves people. I can certainly identify with that. It’s how this week’s guest, Genevieve Parker Hill, describes herself and there’s something so enticing about it to me. We’ve known each for over three years and have worked closely on our businesses, shared vulnerable truths about growth and failures and personal dreams – and yet, we hadn’t sat down for coffee yet. That’s how our conversations go and you’ll get a taste of the depth and magic in this one today.

Genevieve wrote an Amazon bestselling book about minimalism after family home burnt down, but really it’s the story about her grandmother and why she really wrote it that reveals so much. About her deep intention to nurture joy and gratitude in her life. We talk about how to make things feel easy, changing deeply ingrained belief systems (aka standing up for what you really want), and getting to a place where you get to define yourself. Her latest book, Experience Over Stuff, focuses on the inner journey first as a way to live a more simple, joyful, and purposeful life that is truly unique to you. As a listener to the Let It Shine podcast, I know that is what you want too.


Genevieve’s website: simplelivingtoolkit.com or connect on Instagram @genevievewrites

Genevieve’s first book, Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health and Creativity

Genevieve’s new book, Experience Over Stuff: How To Live Free In A World That Wants To Clutter You Up

Do Less by Kate Northrup

Kate Northrup’s website

Essentialism book