Episode 59: Being Human, Discomfort As A Necessity And Living Brave With Dr Rebecca Ray

Today’s guest will draw you in with her magnetic laugh and ability to make hard things sound fun. ? Dr Rebecca Ray is a writer, speaker, clinical psychologist, and – most importantly – human. While she’s written multiple books, grown an incredible Instagram community and created digital courses on overcoming self-sabotage, and radical courage, she says being human always comes first. Rebecca can be found online daily, interacting with her community about finding courage and living expansive lives while going gently on ourselves. 

In this conversation we talk about discomfort (and why it’s necessary for anything that’s important in your life), talking to your fearful and courageous selves, having a sustainable approach to “busy” and the power of joy as a stabilising mechanism.  Rebecca is a natural story-teller and this episode is full of laughs, humanness, and practical ways for you to live bravely and meaningfully. 

Links and resources mentioned: 

Rebecca’s websiteInstagram (@drrebeccaray) and her podcast show Hello Rebecca Ray

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