Episode 104: Rewriting Your Stress Story And Finding Your Flow, With Nicky Rowbotham

When I asked Nicky what brings her joy in her life, she said she’s all about “magic, moments and memories”. What a beautiful way to stay centred through change, stress and transition. In this episode we dive deeper into Nicky’s journey, how she found herself creating journals and writing a book whilst working full time in a completely different field, and what the stress of her corporate job has taught her about coming back to joy. We talk about: ‘fulfilling’ versus ‘full on’; tired versus depleted; and owning your own struggles in order to be free. 

Links and resources mentioned: 

Connect with Nicky on her www.nickyrowbotham.com or @nickyrowbotham on Instagram, or read her new book, 7 Steps To Finding Flow

The Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes 

Tension and Trauma Release (T.R.E.)