Episode 86: Fumbles, Failing, and Fears

I have a confession to make. I’ve been hiding. Well, kind of. I made a commitment to you all a few months ago, promised podcast episodes and to finish my personal story of “freeing myself from busy”. But, I stalled. And then I stalled again. In this episode I’m coming to you open hearted about all the fumbles, failings and fears that come up along the pathway to truly letting our light shine. How those things you think you’re afraid of are really just the excuses, and if you’re willing to go deeper you’ll unfold all that change you’ve been craving in your life. I’ll share more about what it takes to keep showing up for yourself, the *truth* behind my procrastination with this season of the podcast, and how our relationship with busy (and joy!) is the key to giving ourselves what we really, truly want in our lives. This one’s honest, unstructured and heart-led. And I can’t wait to hear what insights you take away.

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