Invisible Rules And Why It’s Time For System Upgrade

I’m a little late on the newsletter this week (not that you probably noticed).

I used to get much more hung up about stuff like that. Invisible rules I’d establish for myself and end up in a perpetual loop of disappointment and stress when I didn’t stick to them.

Now I’m much better at redirecting. At challenging that initial “arrgh” feeling that shows up and questioning it instead

Does this really matter? What feels good to me? Is it stressing about the lateness or allowing things to flow?

A bit of a sense-check on the rules we set ourselves can provide a whole lot of relief—and give us back a sense of control too.

Ultimately I know I’m human. Life is ever moving. And sometimes that means I’m just not going to “get it all done”.

And that’s okay.

I’m still a good person. I’m still a good coach. I’m still dependable. I’m still worthy.

When your invisible rules become visible to you, you get back your control. Because you get to choose whether you want to keep them or not.

Just like our phones, computers and even bed linen need an upgrade every now and then, so do our rules.

When was the last time you did a system upgrade?

I wonder how much clearer you’ll feel afterwards? You may even move through your day faster, more efficiently, and feel fresher.

Imagine what could change in your life right now if all you did was a simple rules upgrade?

I can’t wait to hear what changes for you.