Choosing Presence Over Presents

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Yes there’s lots of demands at this time of year – pulling you from family, to friends, to work. Not just that, it’s as if the entire year has caught up with you and because you’re starting to reflect on what has been so far, it can feel a little overwhelming.

It went so fast

Oh my goodness it’s December already

I can’t believe it’s the end of the year

We can get caught up too in feeling like it has raced by. And we’re left feeling a little rushed at the end. Even though we’re doing magical things, we’re enjoying the festivities, at times it can also feel a little ‘staged’ as if we’re walking through the motions without fully being there.

At least, that’s how it’s felt at times for me. It’s also because I’m a bit of a planner. I love not just creating a vision of where I want to be, I love creating the steps too. The plans. Building that vision around me. And it can mean that I can get caught up a little in future mode. What’s next? I want to feel organised, because I know when I’m organised, not only do I get stuff done but I tend to feel way less stressed about it too. I’ve created a story in my head that essentially says “get it all done because then you can relax and really enjoy yourself”.

And there is some truth in that story, but really it’s a lot of faff, because when I talk like that to myself I don’t get to really be in the experience. In the moment. I do all the planning but then miss the ‘big thing’ I was planning for.

I’ve been adjusting over the years. Because I just know that I don’t want to miss all those feel-good moments, all those experiences in life because I was too stuck on what’s next? And sometimes I can be really really good at it. Like when my niece asked me to get changed into my swimmers to run through the sprinkler with her last month. I had this life in slow motion moment, where I could literally feel my thoughts filter through: Yes. THIS is what it is all about. Say yes. BE here. BE in this moment.

And I couldn’t be happier that I chose the moment. Feel-goods are an understatement.

But I’m no pro at it yet. I set the intention and I remind myself that yes planning and visioning are all important pieces of the puzzle, and necessary in order to create a life that feels extraordinary. Yet, if that’s all I’m focused on then I’ll miss it – the life.

This season feels like there are plenty of opportunities to make those choices – between presence or presents. The BEING or the DOING.

As you move through the next few weeks, try asking yourself how present you are being. Catch yourself in those moments of planning and rushing and see if you can slow the moment down, even just a teeny tiny bit. Look up and around you. Notice what you are here for. What it is you’re creating and why you’re there (wherever you are doing whatever you’re doing) in the first place.

If the truth of it is that you are there for love or connection or joy or relaxation or anything other than “to rush through it”, then there’s an opportunity for more presence. Take it. I promise you that’s the one thing that will make you truly feel the way you want to feel this festive season. And the only present you’ll truly want to treasure forever.


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