1. Creating Goals And New Year Planning That Makes Sense For Your Unique Self

No matter the time of year, having a structure to take yourself through to review where things are at is one of the most supportive things you could do for yourself.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the details of my very own planning process, one that my partner and I do every year and most mid-years to set ourselves up for the new year (or new season). I also share how having a system like this in place can cure your clarity block, help you release yourself from comparison and allow more joy into your life – no matter what you have going on right now. 

  • How me being an Economist makes me an exceptional Joy Coach 
  • What strategy and planning really does for your life 
  • How to make a unique ‘new year planning’ system that works for you instead of getting swayed by Instagram reels 
  • How having this structure creates more ease and joy in motherhood too