2. Messy, Magical Middle and What Mama Joy Is All About

What if you were doing it just right? From the tears and frustrations, to the giggles, laughter and calm moments. Yesterday I was sobbing in the bathroom feeling like I was never going to move on.

Today I’m feeling light, clear and calm and can’t wait to continue creating the future together with my partner. What if this paradox was exactly how it was meant to be? I’m sharing from the messy, magical, middle right now – introducing you to my rebirthed podcast, Mama Joy, and all that it is about. For any mother or mothering soul who’s ever felt a yoyo of emotions, and craved a space to feel seen and heard – this is for you.

In today’s episode, you will hear what led me to the bathroom moment in the last 48 hours, why I started the podcast unprepared today, and how you can create an expansion of joy in your life. 

  • The middle can often feel messy, but it’s also magical 
  • What the Mama Joy Podcast is all about, and what you can expect to hear more of 
  • The paradox of this season of life 
  • Feeling all of your feelings and why this matters so much