Episode 25: Being Bold, Getting Curious And Tuning Back Into Yourself With Emmeline Boyce

I first met Emmeline Boyce at my favourite little haven in London, Remind meditation studio, where she’s now the Head of Operations. I was immediately drawn to her gentleness and calmness. As we’ve gotten to know each other I’ve realised even more so how much of her gentle, kind nature is imbued in all she does.

We got talking about her passion for creating a sense of community, how she’s adapted from a fast-paced “always saying yes” environment where she didn’t use her voice as much, to a gentler more loving approach to her professional life, why building a self-care system that honours you is so important and her big “aha” moment about being more bold in life.

She also shares some great tips for getting more involved in your community and volunteering. Emmeline’s spirit for creating change in our personal lives and the world is infectious and you’re going to love being in her presence through this conversation.

Links and resources mentioned:

Remind studio

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