Episode 27: Getting Back To Happy After Loss And Reconnecting To Your Purpose With Julia Linney

It’s my absolute joy to invite you into this conversation today with a very dear friend of mine. We’ve known each since we were in our first year of school and have witnessed the many phases of life’s transitions. Born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa, high schooled in Portugal, and having “become an adult” in the UK, Julia Linney says she feels like she’s carried a part of each of these places with her. But, so much happened in the growing up bit that she disconnected with what felt like her purpose.

Having always been seen as the “happy person” in this episode Julia gets raw and honest about how she felt her “bubble bursting” when her father passed away from an incurable disease, what she did to keep on being mum to two toddlers, taking care of her mother who’d moved countries, and keeping it all together at work. And, how all of that launched a journey of connecting back in with her sense of purpose. We talk about the masks we all use to cover up what’s going on underneath, the coping mechanisms she put in place, how she started to see opportunities in her experience, and why being joyful is actually a pretty cool thing to be.

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