Making Moves Toward Feeling Good

I’m a little bit obsessed.

3 months ago I would not have done this.

But I’m feeling more concreted in (in a good way). More certain of what’s most important to me.

And, what’s most important to me this year, right now.

I just bought myself a candle.

Not just any candle. It’s one of those one you look at to buy a girlfriend for her birthday but never consider actually buying one for yourself.

And really never consider buying one for yourself “just because”.

It’s only made out of the good stuff too. None of that toxic gunk.

Which also means the price point is over half of what we spend on our weekly grocery bill.

Except that today it was 50% off. (The candle, not our groceries).

And maybe that’s the real reason why I reached for it without hesitation.

Like somehow the small red sticker announced to me that it was okay to put myself first. “Just because”.

Why is it that we do that?

Unflinchingly gift another yet only reach for the red stickered items ourselves?

It’s almost as if we’re believing that our joy is only worthy of discount rack joy.

What will it take for you to believe that you’re worth it?

Here’s what I know to be true:

· When I gift me first I feel good.

  • I’m immediately feeling buoyed by the small gesture I just made for myself.
  • That feeling overflows.
  • I feel energised and excited in the next conversation I have.
  • I’m more present at dinner with my friends and have more capacity to hold space for them and actually listen to what they have to say.
  • My work benefits. I feel more creative, less stuck, and my ideas flow more.
  • And, somehow, that small gesture even makes me feel more confident and I actually start speaking up more.

All that from buying myself a candle.

I wonder what would happen if I bought myself something bigger.

And I wonder what would happen if you gave yourself permission to put yourself first this week?

You’re worth so much more than a sale sticker. Go be full priced this week.