Episode 35: How To Have Confidence Inside & Out, The Power of Stories & All That Jazz With Simona Barbieri

Joyful, vibrant, always full of energy – meeting Simona Barbieri in person (and even online!) you’ll be immediately struck by her ability to talk to anyone. Maybe it’s her Italian heritage. She now runs a global business that is all about connecting people through the power of stories. And when you go beyond her immediate presence and allow yourself to immerse in her story you will see how much depth she has experienced. Despite always looking like “the confident one”, she too has been through many iterations on working out how to stop worrying what other people think, and struggled with an internal negative narrative. She shares in this episode how tapping back into one of her longest loves and joys helped guide her back to a higher place. We talk about why “everything happens for a reason”, how our bodies “talk to us”, and why trusting yourself is the (only) way forward. So much love in this conversation! 

Links and resources mentioned: 

Simona’s organisation Hubdot, find them on Instagram too @hubdot

Connect directly with Simona on Instagram @simona_hub_dot

Elizabeth Gilbert (author) 

Lizzo song Juice