Episode 106: Mastering Stress And Doing Things Your Way, With Lily Potter

Today’s guest is someone who I look to for inspiration for self-trust, strong boundaries and a consistent [...]

Episode 105: Anxiety As A Great Messenger, With Jennifer Bronsnick

I could have recorded multiple episodes with this week’s guest and not run out of things to [...]

Episode 103: Doing Grief Your Own Way, Motherhood, And Trusting In Your Journey, With Hajni Erdelyi

Hajni Erdelyi says the work she does with her clients is to help them to peel back [...]

Episode 102: Backing Yourself With Bite-Sized Habits, With Dr. Heather McKee

Dr Heather McKee’s fascination with human behaviour began from a young age. Combining with her love for being [...]

Season 7 Trailer

A sneak peak into what to expect in Season 7 of the Let It Shine [...]

Episode 98: Getting Stubborn About Your Joy (And Why It Matters)

Are you as committed to your JOY as you are to your deadlines, keeping your [...]

Episode 76: Thriving Through Change And Finding Your Heart’s Work, With Lauren Armes

For someone who has built a highly successful business into the definitive voice for the business of [...]

Episode 55: Curiosity As Your Guide, Knowing Yourself And How To Make Meaningful Decisions With Sophie Scott

From acting to psychotherapy to creating a never-done-before wellness publication, Sophie Scott has navigated plenty [...]

Episode 47: Going Against The Grain And Trusting In Your Dreams, With Sheila Botelho

If you’ve ever felt like you’re trying to fit in with what everyone else is doing [...]

Episode 35: How To Have Confidence Inside & Out, The Power of Stories & All That Jazz With Simona Barbieri

Joyful, vibrant, always full of energy – meeting Simona Barbieri in person (and even online!) you’ll be immediately [...]

Episode 29: Getting To Know Yourself, Finding Clarity & All Things Healing With Jasmin Harsono

Saying yes to things that feel aligned. Nothing feeling forced. Feeling good in what you’re [...]

Episode 26: Why Your Emotions Matter And How To Get Okay With Them

Are you a bottler? I used to always hold my emotions so close to myself [...]