Episode 55: Curiosity As Your Guide, Knowing Yourself And How To Make Meaningful Decisions With Sophie Scott

From acting to psychotherapy to creating a never-done-before wellness publication, Sophie Scott has navigated plenty of decisions in her life.

Throughout all of these turning points she says her curiosity has led the way and kept her connected to her sense of purpose. She’s determined to empower people connect to their own meaning and to know and look after themselves better.

Sophie has lead BALANCE into the top percentile of UK circulations within a few years. She regularly advises brands on go-to-market strategy and delivers wellness workshops for the likes of L’Oreal, Mediacom and Accenture. She has coached and mentored at every level, from students no longer in employment, education or training, through to Fortune 500 CEOs. And, she’s also a Psychotherapist!

Sophie is open and honest about how she approaches wellness in her life, and despite founding an incredible wellness business she’s upfront about what her “real life” looks like and what she does to keep looking after her self (it might not be what you think).

We talk about how all those dots connected for her, why sometimes the toughest moments are there to show us our purpose, and how to tell the difference between anxiety and fear. And plenty more. This episode is full of heart and full of tips to keep discovering more of who you are.

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