Episode 54: Holding both the positive and the negative emotions all at once

I shared this blog post a few months ago about me sitting on my couch in the full sunshine feeling so calm and peaceful, only to be interrupted by this gross sewerage smell.

I wanted to get all irritated, frustrated and angry about it. Quickly my mood and emotional response was shifting from calm and peaceful to cranky.

I realised that I could have both. I could feel a bit frustrated and also still maintain that sense of peacefulness. I couldn’t not feel happy sitting in the sun, and yet there was still some discomfort.

In this episode I share 5 strategies for holding all the emotions – the positive and the negative – at the same time. Our emotions are how we experience our life. The more we can welcome in all of them the fuller our lives become. And I know that’s what you want for yourself. It’s also a topic Nancy Jane Smith and I dive into in more detail on her podcast The Happier Approach. Look out for the episode later this month. And in the meantime come sign up for my emails to get all the extra details (I promise my emails will make you feel good). >>> daniellebrooker.com/weekly.