Episode 76: Thriving Through Change And Finding Your Heart’s Work, With Lauren Armes

For someone who has built a highly successful business into the definitive voice for the business of wellness, you might expect today’s guest to have always known what she wanted, or at least have had an elaborate plan to create it. 

Yet Lauren Armes, founder of Welltodo, is quick to share that getting to a place of doing her heart’s work didn’t come quickly.  

Lauren spent the early part of her career undecided what to study, if she’d even like it, and eventually finding herself in a role in a manufacturing firm. It was the exposure to the variety of business areas that kept her creative, entrepreneurial mind busy and growing for years. But when her comfort started to set in, she knew she needed a change. 

While Lauren is now seen as an expert in the wellness industry—helping experts and coaches to “make a mark, make an impact, and make money”—in this podcast episode you get to hear more of her personal journey. The decisions she made along the way, and the beliefs and attitude it took to continue to thrive in her business and life. 

We talk about: 

  • not knowing what you want to be, but being willing to try 
  • getting uncomfortable and finding beauty in the “not knowing” 
  • the analytical brain vs heart balance when it comes to decision-making
  • Lauren’s mindset of trusting that things will work out 
  • how she finally got to her “clarity moment” and found her heart’s work 
  • finding joy in your challenges 

And plenty more. This episode will give you insight and inspiration to trusting and owning your own expertise. 

Links and resources mentioned: 

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