The Thrill Of Afternoon Baths And Breaks

I did it again! I put the hot water on at 4pm and am waiting for it to heat up for an afternoon bath. Haven’t broken the news to my boyfriend yet that he’ll have to take charge with dinner tonight, because I am exhausted! 😂 

Simple acts of “defiance” like having early baths used to make me feel guilty. But I still have work to do! What would people think of me?! 

Now I just do things my way. And it feels soooo good. 

Do you have something that you keep putting off because you feel guilty about it? But you also know how good it’ll feel? Do it! 

Your body will thank you. And your heart and mind will be jumping for joy. 

I’ve had a full day of calls today, connecting with incredible women from all over the world. And as much as I LOVE connection days, I also know that my energy needs a rebalance on days like this. 

I could keep pushing on with my to-dos, however I’ve learnt that the best, most productive thing I can do is actually STOP. When I return to everything tomorrow I’ll be coming at it from a place of groundedness and clarity. 

On that note, it’s time for me to log off! And if you’re still running on all cylinders right now, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, may this be your gentle nudge to STOP too.