Episode 77: How To Choose Joy When You’d Rather Have A Tantrum

After a false start when I forgot to hit record on a 40min episode, I was at a crossroads. I could stomp my feet and cry. Or I could make another choice. 

This episode will inspire you to choose joy, even when you’d really rather have a tantrum instead. 😉 

I share the importance of welcoming in all your emotions, why joy is not just a “nice to have”, and why when you’re starting out choosing joy could feel a little clunky. 

This is an ideal time of year to take a moment to reflect on how you want things to be. There’s lots of change going on, globally and in our own homes right now, and it’s also literally a seasonal change. Times of transition require us to be more intentional. 

Instead of falling into overwhelm and stress, it’s time to choose joy. Let’s hit that reset button together. 

Joy Club enrolment opens this week. To join and find out more go to: daniellebrooker.com/joy