Episode 78: Using Joy As Your Anchor To Care For Yourself, Lessons From Joy Clubbers

I had tears pricking my eyes and my heart was swollen after this recording this conversation. 

The three women you will hear from today have had varied experiences of change this year. From adjustments in running their own business, to managing experiments in a lab through lockdown restrictions, being furloughed from work, and reconsidering if now really is the best time to resign. 

Dima Mekdad, Daniela Nofal and Halima Salim joined Joy Club when it was birthed earlier this year with nothing more than a short voicenote from me saying “want to come together and focus on joy with all this change going on right now?”. 

And I love how eagerly they committed to coming together in community, without even really knowing what it would look or feel like. 

They continually showing up for themselves, to being curious about change no matter how uncomfortable it feels, and to honouring a practice of joy in their lives. 

I asked them to come and share some of their “joy journey” and what their experience has been through Joy Club. 

We talk about: 

  • the difference between joy and happiness 
  • how joy changes and evolves over time 
  • how joy changes and evolves over time 
  • self care versus productivity 
  • their favourite ways to connect back into joy, no matter what kind of day they’re having 

Joy Club enrolment opens this week. To join and find out more go to: daniellebrooker.com/joy

Want to hear more? Halima Salim (Episode 53) and Dima Mekdad (Episode 13) have both shared their personal stories on the podcast before, so you can go listen in.