Episode 79: Systems For Creating More Ease And Joy In Business And Life, With Kate Northrup

Have you got shiny object syndrome? Or maybe you feel like you need to be always-on to get ahead in your business and life?  

There is another way.  

One that allows you to optimise your energy, make better decisions, and increase your capacity for joy. 

Today’s guest has had a profound impact on how I show up for myself and my business. Integrating her cyclical tracking and #doless systems took me from a state of scattered and unsure, to decisive, confident and consistently energised in my business (and life). 

Kate Northrup has built a 7-figure business multimedia educational platform, written bestselling books, and even created a “Do Less” ecosystem, from her Do Less Planner, to her programs and Origin Membership group. 

However it wasn’t all easy, nor did it come with a very “do less” way at first. 

She shares in this episode how she went from “playing business” and wanting to “look” successful, to being grounded in her body and expanding her capacity for ease, joy, and success. 

Here’s what we talk about: 

  • how Kate approached business when she first started out (age 18)
  • the turning point she had, and what she had to come face to face with 
  • what overgrown ferns can teach us about energy and success 
  • questions to ask yourself when feeling overwhelmed 
  • how to do priority things on days when you really don’t want to 
  • better ways to handle uncomfortable moments in our lives 
  • the power of preventative scheduling 

and so much more! 

I love Kate’s super practical, honest ways of optimising how she wants to feel in her life. She’s on a mission to support ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out. And I’m so excited to introduce her to you today. 

Kate’s offering her most valuable free experience, Right Thing, Right Time—where you can learn her exact system for cyclical energy tracking, so you too can change the way you relate to work and time forever. I’ve signed up already, and you can too at daniellebrooker.com/kate

Links and resources mentioned: 

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*I’ve been a member of Kate’s Origin Membership for years, and can’t stop talking about the impact its had in my life. I was personally invited to be an affiliate for this programme and I couldn’t be more honoured. If you end up joining me (and many many other luminous beings) in Origin afterward, I’ll get a commission.