Having A Me Day

Fridays are a “me” day. It all started back when I was working full time and starting to feel pulled in multiple directions. I had my morning coffee dates with myself, but they felt squeezed and not spacious enough. I knew I needed more to feel grounded and take care of replenishing my energy. 
I’d started my coaching training at the same time, and decided I needed a dedicated coaching day, so reduced my hours in the office. And Friday Me Day was born. 
The more I’ve gotten to know myself, my body and my soul’s rhythms, the more I know I’m a woman that needs SPACE. A lot of it. I love being in the company of others, particularly when they’re deep and soulful conversations about business, personal growth, relationships, abundance, travel and food! 
AND, I need plenty of space to myself. To be. To write. To play. To smile at strangers. To ponder my dreams. 
If I push to “fit it all in”, then my spaciousness gets pushed out and that only leads to me crumbling further down the line. 
Friday Me Days gave me that spaciousness. I could have go-slow time and choose how I wanted to approach my learning that day. It cleared the space for a whole new rhythm in my life and I’ve never gone back. 
Five years later and I still have most Fridays as full ME days. I barely ever have client sessions, mastermind calls, or business related appointments in my diary on Fridays. 
It feels so natural to me I don’t really think twice about it anymore. Until catching up with my friend at lunch today, and she said something about it like “Ooo that’s so inspiring”. 
Sometimes the things that come easiest to us are the things that are most inspiring for others. So don’t hold back on those things Danielle. They’re the magic others need in their lives to feel uplifted! 
You may have noticed my weekly newsletters have crept to a Friday the past few weeks. My rhythms and routines are changing, as I imagine yours have too this year. 
September in particular is a time of transition. A seasonal shift. A stirring of what’s to come for the remaining few months of the year. And you can allow it sweep you up, or you can choose to take stock. To breathe in for a moment and be intentional about your next step. 
How are you setting yourself up for more space? What do you need to have that Friday Me Day feel more often? 
Things may be changing – routines, structures, ways of working. But you get to choose how you show up for yourself regardless of the changes. Now feels like the best time to take a moment and reconsider: What do I need to make me feel good?