Episode 80: How To Consciously Create Connection And Community In Your Life, With Special Guests: Genevieve Parker Hill, Ruth Poundwhite, And Willemijn Maas

Today we’re joined by three of my mastermind buddies and we’re talking about a topic that means a lot to us all – community. 

From Genevieve Parker Hill having moved countries every 6-12months, to Ruth Poundwhite running her own business straight out of uni (on her own), to Willemijn Maas making a career move from working in psychiatry to the online business world—their experiences of the need for connection and community couldn’t be more different! 

And yet, we all came together with a core longing and intention. We wanted a place to feel seen and heard. We all needed deep conversations. 

We’ve been in our mastermind group for almost two years and are constantly sharing voicenotes with each other about how grateful we are for having a space like this. 😉 

Here’s some of what we talk about: 

  • how to refine your process for creating community over time 
  • why it’s okay to outgrow people and move on 
  • online versus offline connections 
  • the reason we all believe our mastermind has been so successful 
  • handling feelings of loneliness 

What a way to wrap up the grand finale of Season 4 of the podcast!  

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Links and resources mentioned: 

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And listen to her on the podcast Episode 11: Intentional Solitude, Owning Your Value And Doing Things Differently  

Genevieve Parker Hill’s website: simplelivingtoolkit.com or connect on Instagram @genevievewrites 

Genevieve’s first book, Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health and Creativity 

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