Choosing What You Can Control And The Magic Of Kindness

Yesterday morning I slipped and fell straight on my bum, in white pants, stepping outside my front door. 

And two glorious strangers, walking by at that fast-paced-London-speed, stopped in a split second to check I was okay. 

Kindness and concern deep in their eyes. 

Kindness really is everywhere. 

We are all intrinsically kind beings. And despite some of the safe distancing restrictions in place right now – that can confuse boundaries of keeping to yourself versus still engaging—these humans still stopped to be kind. 

I’m often pondering what a difference it would make in the world if we all just believed in the kindness of others. Assumed the best in people. 

Tackling global change on a global scale doesn’t always happen as quickly as we’d like. There are multiple moving parts, like domino highways criss-crossing at all angles and levels. 

As a trained Economist, I’m conscious of the knock-on effects of any change and not just the immediate beneficiary. We call it the “multiplier effect” and I even recall the class we learned about it, as I was fascinated and slightly confused at first. Yet once I fully understood, I realised how much power could take hold in one simple decision. 

There are big issues to tackle globally right now, and at times that can feel so overwhelming. So many moving parts and uncertainty. 

The one thing we do have control over is, ourselves. 

How could you honour your intrinsic kindness? Or carry the belief that everyone else is doing their best? How would that change how you are feeling right now? 

People want to be kind. It’s intrinsic to human nature to care for each other. Whether those two lovely strangers wanted to break their London-speed yesterday morning or not, their bodies took control and they stopped. 

Instead of fighting your instinct, beating yourself up over mistakes you’ve made, or getting caught up in someone else’s whirlwind of despair—come back to this principle. Choose you. Choose what you can control. And trust in the magic of kindness.