Getting Out Of A Funk

I’ve been reading a book about manifesting.

“What’s that?” my partner asked me earlier this week.

“It’s a combination of getting clear of your goals and dreams, as well as trusting in the universe” I tried to articulate to him.

I wanted to somehow clarify that manifesting is about tapping into the magic and power you have inside of you, whilst acknowledging there’s so much support available to you also any time you choose.

I also wanted to add in a flavour of, you have to take action. But without the neediness or desperation of always being in pushiness.

Maybe you’ve never heard of the word manifesting, or maybe you have a tiny part of you that cringes when you hear it, or perhaps you already gravitate towards it and are a manifesting Queen!

No matter where you fall on the manifesting trail there’s one powerful difference it’s made to me in this week alone, that’ll make a big difference for you too.

I’ve been feeling a little “meh”. Disconnected. Frazzled in some way.

I took a 2.5 week break and still felt like I hadn’t fully unwound. I needed more time. More space. I wanted to get back to feeling alive, energised, excited. And most importantly, connected to myself.

But I didn’t know how to do that.

What I did have in my toolbox was knowing the power of spaciousness.

I’m someone who needs a lot of space. It fuels my energy and my creative process. Helps me to navigate the rhythm of my life and cultivate even more joy. When my schedule is cramped, or I’m feeling swamped with emotional processing from all angles, or I haven’t had a coffee date with myself – I start to unravel.

Just because you know how good something is for you, it doesn’t mean you naturally reach for it when you most need it.

I know now that I need to consistently show up for myself and create the space, it won’t just show up. I can’t expect to get back from holidays and maintain that free feeling if I cram my schedule.

Wanting some downtime to read won’t happen if I don’t allocate time in my diary, or give myself permission to pause on the weekend (or middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week!).

If I’m tired, I won’t naturally feel more rested if I don’t make rest a priority.

Have you ever expected something to happen, but then stalled in doing anything to create an opportunity for it to happen?

That’s the real essence of manifesting, and possibly where many people get it wrong too.

You can wish for a better life, more joy, less stress. But if you’re not committed to taking consistent action towards that state, nothing will change.

So you’re probably thinking “where’s she going with this? Wasn’t she going to tell us about manifesting and what a difference it made this week?”.

Here’s where I’m going with this all.

This week (and most of last week too!) I was feeling a little lost. Instead of panicking about that feeling I honoured it. I valued it. I allowed it in.

I knew that the feeling I associated with the word “lost” would only transform if I allowed it space. But I didn’t really know how I was going to get myself back to that feeling of deep connection (to myself) that I craved.

So I tuned in to what I wanted to feel. What would feel good right now? No obligations. What else would feel good? Coffee dates. Reading something inspiring. Trusting my body to tell me what it wants (rest, quiet, slow and gentle time).

I didn’t sit and wait for the feeling to vanish. I took “action”.

And the big difference that manifesting made to me this week, is that I trusted that the space I was giving myself was the action.

The book I’m reading on manifesting has been reminding me of that power I already have. I’m allowing it to light up my heart, energise me and reconnect me to my excitement. I’m letting the messages wash over me, instead of pushing to turn them into an action plan. I’m noticing how I feel when I read each line. And I’m pausing for even more space in between pages and messages that resonate most.

There’s so many ways we can connect into our magic to make things happen. And, in my experience, so much of the power is in the spaces in between.

May your week be filled with spaciousness. And may you notice even more magic unfold in your life this week.