Episode 7: Moving Beyond Burn Out + The Simplicity And Power Of Taking A Nap With Willemijn Maas

After a physical burnout in her medical career, Willemijn had to learn how to surrender to deep rest and let go of constantly trying to “do”. As a nature geek, star gazer, mother and moon lover, WIllemijn has been learning how to integrate all these parts of her into her lifestyle to light her up. She’s journeyed from a high pressure medical environment to embracing her wisdom of the body’s energy cycles, astrology and love of systems. She now supports female entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses with ease. We talk about those pressures we put on ourselves unnecessarily and how taking a nap really sometimes is the best thing you can do for yourself.

We talked about:

  • Willemijn feeling like she had a split personality, until she left her medical career to focus on astrology, energy and now business systems
  • How our deep urges to keep “doing” burn us out and how to tune into our bodies’ messages
  • Why listening to that voice that says you just need rest is so critical
  • Recovery from burn out and how not doing anything is the best thing you can do
  • Giving ourselves permission to feel pleasure and joy
  • How the moments that are seemingly insignificant could be clues to how to bring more joy into your life

Resources/links mentioned:

Willemijn’s website: https://www.willemijnmaas.com/ and more on her cyclical living resources https://www.elementallife.net/ + free e-book on creating sustainable energy management in life and business.