Episode 75: It’s Time To Prioritise Feeling Good

Despite it being something we all want, most of us are not prioritising feeling good in our lives. Instead we’re choosing to worry about what others think of us, making sure we’re spinning plates for others first, and doing all the “right” things we think we “should” be doing. 

There’s a natural tendency to feel like feeling good is a nice to have, instead of an essential need. In today’s conversation starter I’m giving you a new lens to view this through. So that you can start to see how powerful it can be to start treating feeling good as a primary need in your life. 

From handling stressful days with more ease, through to creating more joy and purpose in your life – this episode will give you a new way to commit to yourself.  

And if you’re wanting to ingrain a practice of feeling good in your life, come join my free 5 Day Feel Good Challenge. The next round starts 7 September 2020, register now at daniellebrooker.com/feelgoodchallenge. (And if you’re seeing this after that, still come join the waitlist for next time 😉).